Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas at Grizawood this year, and didn't do any traveling. Christmas Eve we had family over for some food and presents and it was a lot of fun. Fenn loves his cousin Nicholas cause they can play rough and tough together and he doesn't get in trouble!  They were in there eyeing cupcakes in this picture!

 He loved unwrapping more than anything !
 Cousin Chloe opening her goods!
 Fenn getting his boy " Hometown Heroes" playhouse from Aunt JuJee and Rico. 
 I had this very picturesque moment in my head of the littles painting salt dough ornaments.. and It was def prettier in my head but they had fun so that is all that matters. 
 My rebel son was the only one who didnt follow the rules and decided to paint his body... with craft paint. grrr..
 and Christmas morning he was busy at it again with his new Easel from Uncle Bro & Aunt Shauna. He was so excited about painting that he danced in between strokes. you can see him mid jig here. #wepaintnekkid
Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Toddler Boy Gift Ideas!

A few of my blog friends did this about what their boys are digging and I really enjoyed reading it so I thought I would do it also for Fenn!

1. Kitchen Helper : One Step Ahead
This thing is amazing for everything from cooking, t o art projects on the kitchen counter, to hand washing. We use it all day, and I regret waiting this long to buy one. Also? It folds flat for storage.

2. Crayola Art Supplies 
I learned the hard way that M&D art stuff does not always come out, and a toddler with art supplies needs the washable aspect like woah! Crayola paints and markers etc wash off without effort! 

3. Melissa & Doug Train Set
A nice wooden train set that comes apart for easy storage in a box when not in use! Fits most trains including Thomas and his pals. My boy enjoys the tunnels and bridges especially.

4. Counting Bears with Cups 
I know this seems so odd and weird, but I swear peebs LOVES these things and so do every other kid that comes to this house! I don't understand it but apparently its an educational toy and enhances all sorts of developmental skills, counting, recognizing colors, sorting, stacking etc. Just trust me.

5. Fireman Truck & Hat 
Another hit with Fenn and his friends! Both were gifts and he has DEF gotten their money's worth! It cracks me up how much he loves wearing this hat around the house.

6. Construction Alphabet Book
boys.machinery and trucks and tractors. Enough said right? This book explains what all those trucks are and what they do.

7. A Tent 
Fenn loves tents these days. We usually drape a blanket over his crib at night like a make shift tent and he loves it! He got a new tent for his ( coming soon) big boy room from his grandparents for Christmas and he is SO in love with it. He goes inside and stomps around while screeching all excited.

Toddler Boy Recommendations from Bloggy Friends:

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Decorations, Family news and such...

This is what I aspire to! I love Christmas lights outdoors because I think it is really fun and festive. If only I had 3 grand to blow on blow up Christmas creatures!

We made some salt dough ornaments with the rest of the blogosphere! I plan to let the kids paint them on Christmas Eve ( we are having family over for dinner and Christmas Movies that night). I had big dreams of making handprint santa ornaments but this boy of mine was having N.O.N.E. of it. It was ridiculous really.

My Sister in Law Juliel got ENGAGED Monday night at our Monday Night Football Tailgate. Richard ( like a good southern gent) called her bro's for permission and this husband of mine DIDNT TELL ME!  Everyone knew what was going down except me and Julie and I was blown away by the surprise of it. It was actually really fun. Her ring is GORGEOUS.
These 2 cutie cousins could be twins sometimes, except for the fact that peebs is still about twice Chloe's size! ha I love my boys new "cheese" face.
and here I thought he was just making a mimosa....
We also went for Fenn's 1st real hair cut ( raging disaster. Erik was begging me to abort the mission but I said NO because I didn't want to give any positive reinforcement to  those antics). She cut his hair as he screamed and swatted at her while I did my best to hold him down. She actually did a pretty decent job too.

Then it was time for Santa pic. The picture is HILARIOUS. He is not screaming because he is scared of Santa, he is screaming because HOW DARE WE MAKE HIM SIT WHEN HE WANTS TO RUN LAPS AROUND THE CHAIR! 
I bet the internets are tired of seeing those Christmas pajamas. I swear I wash them every other day, but dang! they were expensive so I gotta get my $ worth!  I LOVE Hannah Andersson Pajamas, and they are worth every penny, but shoooweee! She is proud of those things.
Here is a look at his past Santa pics. I frame them every year and its so fun to go back and look!

And here are some Christmas Decoration Pictures. I am still trying to figure out how to decorate our new house!
We can NOT find our Christmas Card Holder anywhere, so I went with an old trick from Ree Smith ( I used to babysit for her) and put them all over the fridge, AND I have to say I love  it. I love being able to see all the cards so easily and its fun and festive in the kitchen now!
 Dining Room Table. I can not finda  good center piece anywhere.
 Buffet Glitter:
 Framed Christmas cards from all the years. I have always wanted some built ins to decorate like this!

Sorry for the crappy pictures. I am no photographer and it was like 6am when I took these.

** If you guys don't have our new address please holla! We missing some Christmas cards this year!**

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bumpdate! 12 weeks

** I am super scromply in this pic, sorry but keepin it real, I was/am too tired to care.**

It was kind of random the way the word got out about this pregnancy, but our intention was to wait until 12 weeks and let everyone get it on their Christmas card, and for the most part that worked out. No offense to anyone, and I am certainly no secret keeper, but I thought perhaps pregnancy would go by faster if the first 12 weeks were unknown AND? I think it was a good theory because I keep even forgetting I am pregnant! It certainly has flown by so far.

What is very strange is that this pregnancy is SO different from my 1st with Peebs. 
- I had several pregnancy test come back negative even though I knew I was pregnant ( because I felt different)
- I have been plagued with morning sickness that starts about 9am and lasts all day. Terribleness. I have never show proper sympathy to all you ladies out there who have suffered from this in the past.
- I am certainly showing sooner, which I think is pretty common.
- I want to eat meat, all the time. Which is crazy because I think meat is bad for me and I ate it maybe 3 times a week before and rarely red meat but now I want hamburgers, and sausage and bacon and McGriddles and steak several times a day. gross.
- I don't crave sweets much. I can still eat them of coarse but there is no longing for chocolate or oreos etc. It's more of a salty savory type craving this time.

I started wearing some maternity shirts around 9 weeks. 9 weeks is when I feel like things kinda popped out. I am still in normal jeans or stretch pants but that has to stop pretty soon. It is def. not comfortable.
Last pregnancy I gained about 70 lbs I think. ( wowsa) and I wonder how it will be this time around, especially since I do not have the luxury or time to sleep and eat as much as last time.  

Weight Gained : 3-4 lbs. Kinda fluctuates so hard to say exact.
Waist grown: about 3"


One of my 1st goals with this pregnancy was to be less irritable/miserable /complaining and I think I have done pretty good with that and keeping the hormones in check. In general ( so far) I feel like this pregnancy has been easier than  my 1st, especially mentally.

- Transition Peebs to a big boy room and a big boy bed before May. ( that's a doozy)
- Clean out the junk guest room and start on his big boy room ( after Christmas)
- Have Fenn eating and communicating better

Big Brother:
Has no idea what any of this means but he does pat my belly and say baby and such. He also does that to Erik's belly now so... 
He has a VERY hard time sharing and doesn't like for me to show attention to other children so I must work on this a lot over the next few months!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Random Tidbits...

We have had a crazy week over here with the Christmas card announcement of little griza #2, my perpetual nausea, and Erik catching the stomach flu. All this couch dwelling gives me much more time for twitter, blogging, Instagram etc....

So a few updates....

We (adults) are going to NYC for NYE. We are going bc Phish is playing Madison Square Gardens and because it is our 7th anniversary. Gonna do lots of eating and some shopping and a show or 2. I was wondering if any of you had suggestions for restaurants? Especially some good dinner spots for our Anniversary or NYE.

I told you guys about my Black Friday cordless Dyson purchase,... Well let me just say I love it. As a toddler mom with 2 dogs, this thing is incredible. I cleaned out my car with it this week as well.

I talked about this fun hair chalk from Sally's for $5 on Instagram. Now I can finally get that pink ombré hair I've always wanted!

I have some reindeer antlers and a Rudolph nose on my car ( Sarah Macon I can just hear you now making loads of fun) but for the LIFE of me I can't remember not to roll the windows down when moving. I start feeling sick, roll down the window and boom! No more antler. Recently I saw what equated to an antler graveyard on Franklin road so perhaps I need to start a support club for us one antlered moms.

We have been in Monroeville for the last several days having our Christmas with my family, visiting friends and family and EATING. It was marvelous! My boy was waking up about 4 or 5 am every day so he was tired and put on some majah tantrums for everyone!

And can we talk TV for a minute? Judge if you must, but I watch a lot of TV and since I have been tied to the couch for the last 12 weeks with all day morning sickness I have seen LOTS of tv!

- The Walking Dead and Homeland are some awesome shows that I had never heard of or watched until recently but they are really good!

- The LeAnn rimes interview with Juliana Rancic recently, makes me want to VOMIT. I mean.. Perhaps that is harsh but that woman talks about Brandi Glandville's children on twitter in a very insensitive way, broke up their family and her own marriage and she just can't muster up an apology! She keeps making excuses and crying on national TV about how hard it h been for HER. Boo hoo majoo girl. Eat a snickers and STHU. Ps.. Eddie ain't no prize....

I miss the kardashians. when does that come back on?

Matt gave bubs an awesome haircut! I LOVE his new do!

Cocolicious arrives in Nashville today to stay with us for a few days and that should be great fun! I think we only had house guests twice last month?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Food Therapy Update!

Today Fenn had both Speech and Occupational Therapy and it was interesting. Our 1st chat was rather discouraging because she wanted to talk to me about how he knows his alphabet and numbers and things. She said it was unusual for him to know that at his age, know them out of order etc ( and some of you emailed me and told me that as well) and that I should not encourage the fact that he knows all of that right now because it could lead to " Hyper Lexia".

**update** what is unusual is how he knows his alphabet and numbers, not THAT he knows them. They are concerned with his excellent memorization skills and want to make sure that he is coprehending as well as memorizing. This is not an issue for normally developing children, but is related to speech delays so is an issue for my child. Sorry for the confusion!**

So we are to take a break from flash cards, alphabet /number puzzles and all TV and ipad. Don't get me wrong, I am no lover of flash cards or home learning at all for that matter, but the boy loves it, and now I am wondering what the heckle we are gonna do for 14 hours a day?!?  
And, Im not gonna lie, it hurts my feelings that I was secretly proud of his skillz and now I can't be! rah!

In better news, he did eat apple sauce today while he was there. He has never eaten apple sauce.. maybe in his life? Getting him to try something new is pretty huge, and then we bought some and brought it home and he ate it here also so Victory! 

For the past week we have been ( per instructions of therapist) giving him 6 meals a day, with 3 options on the plate each time 2tbsp. servings of each. On the plate 2 of the 3 things are his " approved" foods like fig newtons or Ritz crackers, and the other food is a new thing, like a banana.Step 1 is to never force or pressure any eating or tasting, but rather just tolerating the presence of the new food next to his approved foods.  He did this all week, but never took any bites of the new food. Since tolerance was achieved we consider that success and move on to goal #2.

Goal #2 for this week is to have him take the unwanted food item off the plate, and put it into the " all done bowl" which is the place he is allowed to put stuff he wont eat ( instead of throwing it , feeding it to Ralphie etc) and if I can get him to kiss it bye as he places it in the bowl all the better! That way he has tolerated food and then let it touch his mouth.

Speech Therapy he did well too, with only 2 fits. We talked a lot about different activities and playing that we can do that will encourage language. I will blog details about that as I have them and we do them. He did really well today with asking her for things and using new sign language for " I want to play" and " open this" etc.. 

He seems to enjoy going and runs right in there ready to get started each time, which is a good sign to me! I also really enjoy those ladies who do this because you can tell they are passionate about their jobs and that makes me so happy for him to have therapist who are great at what they do!

In other news, he has been peeing in the potty lately! His daddy taught him. He does not ever ask to go, but if you ask him to go, he will insist on first brushing his teeth, then going. He has a stool in there that he drags around to reach the sink and the toilet. Not sure what this all means, since I know Potty training is a beast but I am proud of him for being able to control it so well. 
His daddy is an excellent teacher, Thank GOD, because I am not! 

so that is all for now! Stay tuned for next week!

** New foods tries this week : Salami, Pasta with Marsala sauce, apple sauce.***

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