Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

We had a fun Thanksgiving in Nashville with some of my oldest friends and their families! @edwardsedition and @Maconbabies and all their families stayed here with us in Grizawood and it was hilarious and so fun. As usual I learned some good parenting tricks.  Now , when peebs is acting up and tantruming, I say, " Do you need to go to your room and cry?" and after a few times of making him stay in his room to cry he will answer the question and say " wooooooo" while shaking his head and quit crying immediately. Hilar.

We are working on our table manners. While I am trying to talk peebs into eating something other than Ritz crackers , these girls had their kids saying " May I be excused" and " I enjoyed it" before they can leave the table! It was pretty impressive ( and hilarious when they got mixed up and said " I hope you enjoyed it" ha) so we are now working on those concepts. 

Here is a pic of day 1:

KP suggested I read the book " Fairytale interrupted" and since I know nothing about the Kennedys I decided to do some background research by watching The Kennedys mini series on Netflix ( the one with Katie Holmes). I am so glad I am watching it because I forgot lots about history and this makes it more memorable than any text book.

I have almost completed all of my Christmas decorating. It is different decorating this house than my old one so I am having to make some adjustments! I still need a Christmas tree skirt and a pretty wreath for the front door. I have unsuccessfully looked for those the past 4 years.

My parents gave me Christmas money early so that I could do some black Friday shopping and Bed Bath & Beyond has the Dyson line 25% off. I have wanted one of the cordless stick vacuums since moving into this house and boy is it awesome. We have all hardwood floors in this house and I can use this on them, as well as vacuuming my couch, area rugs, door mats and clean my car with it! Thanks Santa!

and that's about all for now! 

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Beach Bum & Baby said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I am dying to get one of those cordless stick Dyson's too - they look awesome!!!!

The Macons said...

This is hilarious and that vacuum looks crazy! You can do it with that boy! You saw it only took a good 4 times oh go cry in your room before he got it! Before too long he will do what Scarlet does and take himself back there to cool off. And there is nothing funnier than watching my two yr old go to her room to "calm herself down!"

Marilyn Bell said...

That pic of Peebs on Day 1 is awesome!

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