Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pinspiration : Pot & Pan Organization

You may have seen this picture on pinterest of the pot & pan organizer. I have been dying for it but I thought it was special cabinetry when really, it is an add on that you can easily purchase and install from Lowe's made by a company called " Rev-A-Shelf" and it is pretty awesome! 

 So here is what I was working with before:

 and my hot handyman at work
 and the after math! Perfectly organized pots and pans that you can access without having to stack and unstack!
 It would be prettier if I had all matching color pots and pans like the demo pic but you can still appreciate it. FYI you can customize the sizes or slots so the amount of pans you fit will vary. These organizers come in various sizes, we bought the XL version.

Link to purchase

1 comment:

Kay Kay said...

I think you just made my life!! My pots and pans cabinet AND the tupperware cabinet attack me all the time. I am totally getting one!!

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