Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Halloween Festivitis

We had a big weekend full of Halloween parties! CB had a fantastic Halloween Kiddie brunch that had so many delish food items! Peebs was quarantined in the back for most of it because he is not a good sharer and would not stop trying to interrupt the kiddie games.

That afternoon we had the Neighborhood Fall Festival. Peebs was SO cute in his Old Navy Monster costume and had a BALL. He ran as fast as he could till Erik and I were both exhausted. He tried to help himself to joining other kids in musical chairs, parachute games and volleyball. 

This was the costume contest and food truck area!
and that night we had our 1st fire of the season but the flue was closed and set off the smoke alarm and it scared my boy to death! I have not gotten snuggles like that since he could walk! 
Mom and Dad were in town this weekend and my momma is here for the week! I have to return her to daddy this weekend :( and we have a BUSY week full of projects!

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