Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Turning on Kid Mode in iOS6


iOS 6 has a new feature that makes it possible to disable the hardware buttons of any ios device! ( lock the screen onto an app that makes it where kids can not exit the app no matter what they push or touch)


Enabling “Kid Mode” in iOS with Guided Access

 You will need iOS 6 or later to have this feature.
  • Go to SETTINGS > then GENERAL

  • Scroll down and click on  “Accessibility” 

  • Then choose "Guided Access"

Turn to ON, then tap “Set Passcode” to set a password you’ll use to escape out of Guided Access mode.

Now that Guided Access is configured, you can use it to lock the iOS device into any app you want.

To turn it on:

  • Launch the app of choice and simply  triple-click the Home button to summon the Accessibility menu

  • Thanks to @mrsjuliebray for sending me this tip! It was adapted from an article on OSXDaily

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