Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Removing Facebook Integration with ios6

You guys may have noticed a big change in your address book and calendar since ios6 was added. If you agreed to integrate facebook it automatically added all of your facebook "friends" into your contacts and put their birthdays on your calendar on the iphone.

This was pretty overwhelming ( annoying) to me so I took it to twitter and my tweeps helped me out!! 
 To change this it takes 2 seconds.

Go into your contacts. 
Select " Groups"  in the top left corner 

 it will bring you to a screen like this. ( I have lots of groups.. overlook that ha)
See where it shows "Facebook" in its own section? Just touch it to select and unselect. Once you unselect all those peeps will be removed from your contacts. 

Same concept with calendars. You have to go to Calendars and then the Facebook section and select or unselect the events and calendars.

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