Thursday, October 25, 2012

This Week in Grizawood...

We have really been enjoying our new house, and I am not exaggerting at all when I say we have had guests every weekend ( except 1) since we moved in back in August! It has been great fun , and will continue on for the next several weeks as well!  We even have weekday guests sometimes so CB has started calling this the bed and breakfast! ha  All that to say we have been busy! Fenn has certainly loved all of the company and attention!

We have worked on a few awesome projects lately! Here is a sneak peak at the new pantry courtesy of pinterest and Camco Construction! 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I always wanted a really organized big pantry and since this house did not have one when we purchased, we added it. I love the can storage, the shelves for all of my casserole and entertaining dishes, the slots of platters and baking stuff. I still am working on filling it up and re-organizing all the kitchen cabinets in the process!

 My helper thinks he has a new playroom.
 I got this contact paper or shelf liner at TJ MAXX, 2 rolls for $5.99 and I LURVE it. I think it is the prettiest contact paper I have ever seen! They had lots of styles.

I can't believe I did this,  but I bought Teressa's Cookbook Fabulicious this week and I have to say it is interesting. I have not cooked from it yet but I do plan to cook my way through it. Having started reading it, I have to say that I do not think she is smart enough to write it.  It is so odd having watched her for years, and then reading what I feel like is a direct contrast to her personality ( except the cheap shots thrown in there)... I don't even know what to make of it! I am really impressed with the food science and discussion in it, and so far have learned a lot of basics for buying and cooking Italian stuff. It is probably the most interesting cook book I have ever read.

I saw another pinterest pic that inspired me to organize our coat closet. I always wanted a designated "coat closet" and we got one in this house that I love! I thought it was super cool to hang towel rods on  the doors for gloves and scarves!

Here is Fenn's school picture from MDO! I think it is hilarious and so cute!  He is now 27 months (2yrs 3 months) and BUSY. He never stops moving and doing stuff, UNLESS his girlfriend Dora is on. He is enjoying lots of art stuff lately like coloring, painting, making play dough. 
 We have had lots of discipline issues lately and after hearing SEVERAL people tell me I should be spanking his butt, I finally gave in. I totally thought I would be  a spanker, but turns out it killed me the 1st time I tried and I did not try again, until now. He just happens to be JUST as stubborn as both his parents so it takes a lot to get his attention. We also do time outs in the crib. Since getting serious about discipline he has been MUCH better.                     ( incidentally if you don't believe in spankings or time out or leg pops or whatever, I don't wanna hear about it).
He has been saying MUCH more  lately like " Rainbow, River, Ocean, Shark, YEAH, Woah, Mine, Bye Bye See you Later , On your mark, get set, GO" and thanks to Dora he thinks all horses are donkeys so every time he sees a horse he makes the MOST convincing donkey "hee-haw" you have ever heard.

 This past weekend was my first 5K ever!  Unlike all my very cool runner blog friends and husband, I just do not care for races at all. I try to run about 3 times a week, and I am not too competitive about it, because I see the actual act of running AT ALL to be pretty dang special. ha I just do it for the exercise. But it was a neat experience. There were 10K people there which I think complicated it and it would have been more fun with a smaller crowd! But I made it!
 Me, Bubs, and Cousin Jennifer!


Meliha said...

Cool pantry and Congrats on your race! The road running gets more rewarding when you get a shiny finisher medal (bragging rights!!) To show for it.

Anonymous said...

Your house looks absolutely gorgeous!

Want to run a race together - we should get a blog girls race weekend going sometime before all of us get knocked up!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I agree with K above!! Ya'll should come to Charleston in April for the bridge run. Just saying!

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