Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover!

A few months back I was in my hometown and over at cousin Marshall and Jessica's house and spotted a piece of furniture in their dining room that was mid-makeover and fell in love. He was not into it so I offered to buy it off of him and he obliged! $120 for this beauty:

 ( Thanks Mrs Becky!!)

I decided to try to mimic a finish I saw in Ballards on the Casa Florentina line with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. (If you live in Nashville you can purchase Annie Sloan paint at C'est Moi on Church St. in Brentwood.)
We bought the "Duck Egg Blue" and the clear wax and the dark wax. Here is a pic so you can see how awesome the inside is, and see that we were not so ambitious as to paint the inside!
 This is after the 1st ( and only coat of duck egg blue). Typically chalk paint does not require any prep work but Marsh had already primed it for me so.. that was cool. It looks weird until it dries. Ole Annie Sloan says paint all over the place very haphazardly and we thought that looked bad so we just painted it all traditional style with brushes ( not rollers as to conserve the paint).
 Close up:
 Here is a pic of the front before any dark wax was applied. We did clear 1st then the dark. I don't know why the dark wax comes in such a big tub because you only use a smidge. The wax also is very smelly, and gave me a headache so mom and Erik did all this work! If you plan to do this be sure to put the clear wax on first so that you can wipe off as much of the dark as you want. Otherwise you will end up with a MUCH darker piece.
 and here is the finished product with duck egg blue, clear wax then dark wax applied. 
 Close up of the finish. It is so hard to capture this paint color properly on camera.
 And here are some pics once we moved it inside. The color looks different in every shot
 You also can not tell from the pics but this thing is massive! It has great lines and I LOVE it!

This is the most accurate color of the actual piece. Now I will need a new mirror and buffet lamps! Stay tuned.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors & Website 
Ballards Design Casa Florentina

Blog of inspiration

House of Antique Hardware ( to purchase new pulls for the front)

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

How awesome to put love into a piece like that to craft!

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