Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Sooo behind on the ole blog.. just like everything else these days! We have had some packed out weekends of fun lately! Brother Wade & Andrea were here for a fun Titans weekend last weekend. I was a terrible host and corrected those mistakes for this weekend when Matt & Scott came to visit!  We had a fantastic weekend!

Friday we did some shopping. Saturday we had a huge brunch and watched the Auburn Game! .
 These are called "Birds Nests" and the recipe is HERE. However I added Tony Chachers to mine and  will next time throw in some grilled onions and peppers.
The gist is a base of hashbrowns mixed with cheese and baked egg with bacon on top.
 He opted for yogurt, then painted his body with it!

 Saturday night we went to see Kelly Clarkston (10th row) and she was more amazing that I have EVER given her credit for. That girl can SING and she was funny and genuine on stage. She said she wants to do some country and I bet her next album will be country and will be awesome!

I also got some new glasses recently because Fenn broke my other ones, and turns out.. my prescription had changed quite a bit. It's like I can see in color again with my new specs!

and we also discovered that Fenn knows his ABCs this weekend which was pretty exciting. He is very tricky about letting us know such things! 
Sunday afternoon I had a committee meeting for our neighborhood Fall Block Party which I am super pumped about! Its gonna be awesome with such things as a Glow -in The - Dark Treat hunt!
All and all it was a great weekend with great friends, and good prep for a busy work week! 

and just for a laugh: 

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Brunch celebrations with friends and family and football == PERFECTION!

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