Monday, September 10, 2012

Fenn's 2 Year Old Check Up/Stats

 Here is my little buddy in his new house and in his new room! He insisted on wearing a dirty shirt and posing with ketchup all over his mouth for these pictures. It occured to me to battle it out and then I thought maybe it would be better to capture his little stubborn personality just the way it is! ha
He is reading me a book here. He still is not talking much or as well as his peers, but has made lots of progress lately with the type of words he is saying or trying to say and just in general not being so silent.

We were about 1.5 months late getting his check up because our Pedi is so popular and our schedule has been jam packed! He did not enjoy any of the check up part!

 Red faced and big tears after all that trauma

He had his eyes checked today too which was really cool and they said his vision is perfect! Thankful for that since E and I both wear glasses. I am sure they will be in his future at some point.
Head Circumference: 22.52"
Weight : 35.06 lbs.  97.43%
(He had lost a few pounds in the past week with his sickness because he would barely eat.)
Height : 36"  or more. He was longer than the table and not co-operative!  88.14%
BMI: 19.02  93.89%

Other Random Info:
- Goes to MDO twice a week now
- Sleeps from 7pm-6:30 am every night
- Naps once a day at noon usually
- Enjoys trains and cars and trucks these days
- still love puzzles and playing outside a TON.
- Favorite cartoons for now are Dora and Super Why
- Likes to run everywhere , climb everything and general mischief.

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