Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Amazon Prime Now Has Video App!

For those of you ( me) who have resisted Amazon prime because of it's lack of integration with the ipad, you can now rest easy and order up!

Amazon launched its FREE video streaming app recently!

With Amazon Instant Video you can:

  • Stream thousands of titles available from prime instant video at no additional cost with a prime membership, or watch over 120,000 videos available in the amazon instant video store.
  • Download purchased and rented videos from your video library
  • shop over 120,000 videos available from the amazon instant video store by visiting amazon
  • Add videos to your watchlist from a PC, Mac or Kindle Fire for later viewing on your iPad.
  • Subscribe to a TV Season Pass by visiting Amazon and episodes will automatically be available on your iPad the day after.
  • Start watching on your ipad and resume watching right where you left off on the Kindle Fire, PS3, PC, Mac, or hundreds of models of connected TVS, and Blu-ray players with Amazon Whispersync

So if you are curious ( MOM!) why you should care about this app when you can just use netflix, the answer is , If you are already a prime member then this is FREE so no longer need to subscribe to netflix....

Anyway , the app is great as far as streaming and speeds, although it needs a search bar stat! 

So.. just wanted to make you guys aware that this exists, incase you are prime members already or were thinking about it!

In summary : If you are an Amazon Prime Member , this app will allow to to stream movies and Tv shows for free.  If you are not an Amazon prime member, then you will have to pay a yearly membership fee to get access to movies/shows but you will also get Free shipping on most everything you order from Amazon.

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melissa said...

Thanks girl! This is so great to know. My free year of Amazon Prime that I got with Amazon Mom expired in June and I stockpiled diapers & wipes before it ended. We're reaching the end of that stash and I was dreading paying for Prime. But now that $79 just got much easier to spend! Do you know how the selection of free streaming movies/shows compares to Netflix? If it's just as good, maybe I can convince my husband to cancel Netflix.

Thanks again for the scoop!

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