Friday, August 24, 2012

The MOVE has happened: House Preview

We are finally in the new house! YIPPEE! I will be honest adn say that the last few weeks were pretty emotional, which kind of shocked me, but we really loved our old house, neighbors, the neighborhood etc. So when you talk about changing something that you like just fine, We were very anxious ( "Are we making a mistake" etc) and because of that, I could not look past the packing and leaving to see the fun side of a new house, getting organized etc.
We hired movers, which I have never done in my life, and while they did get us moved , there was plenty of drama to accompany the whole thing. One guy quit on the job a few hours into it, who was also one of the truck drivers so we had to wait on a "driver replacement" , one guy fell through the attic floor into my new kitchen ceiling. I basically feel like that needs another post with actual tips and details for anyone who sees movers in their future. 

That was still nothing compared to the trouble we had with the bank on closing day. Please hear me when I say, DO NOT USE BANK OF AMERICA for your mortgage loans. After we were already knee deep in drama, we had several realtor friends, the mortgage closing attorneys etc, everyone said BOA sucked and we just had no idea.

So I will slowly be getting up some pics of the house before & after sort of stuff so you guys can get an idea of what it will look like.
Today is the Living Room. I am SO excited to have:

  • Built Ins
  • Huge Windows overlooking a scenic backyard with a CREEK
  • Wood Burning Fireplace ( wanted that FOREVER)
  • Professionally wired TV!

Here are some pics from Old Owners:

And so we have painted now and put some of our furniture in the room. The paint color is Sherwin - Williams "Sea Salt SW6204 " and I love it! Really brightens things up and makes those built ins pop.

 LOTS of natural light, although its not super obvious in these pics. I need to work my camera better!


Mrs. Mave said...

I love your new place! I can't wait to come and visit and see it in person while I sip on french toast coffee! ha! ; )
Sea salt is one of my faves too! I'm glad you are loving your new place. Having a creek in your backyard will be GREAT!!!!!!!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Beautiful living room! I love those chairs by the way!

Kibb said...

Looks great. We had a pretty interesting time with movers when we moved from Franklin to Spring Hill. Took twice as long, cost twice as much as quoted, and we even had our BIL help and did most of the work. The one guy stood on the truck all day spouting off all the things we did wrong with packing. I had hired movers in Michigan to pack up my first apt when I moved to TN and had nothing but a good experience. But here in TN, it's another story.

The Macons said...

LOVE it! I need deets on the dude falling through the floor! WTF? Can't wait to come visit!

Anonymous said...

it looks so good, laura! i love it! sorry about all of the drama. geez.


Cary said...

Laura, it looks beautiful! I cannot wait for a tour of the new home (especially since I never made it to the first - my fault, not yours)! Sorry for the drama but one day when y'all are old you will look back and laugh (hopefully)! Hugs!!

AndreaLeigh said...

i'm so happy for you! i know this had to be bittersweet for you. you'd done so much work on the old place and it is where Fenn was born. i can't wait to see you put your touches on the new house!

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