Thursday, August 23, 2012

PB is in the Tennessean Today!

CLICK HERE to read the full article.

I was very excited to see Fenn in the paper and spread his love for iphone and ipad apps, but DANG as always there are some haters. 
I wont get on a big soap box here but I will say that , I think it  is rude to judge anyone else's parenting choices, especially public. I doubt they would be as receptive to me calling them boring parents or whatever else ( don't think  that, just giving an example). Not nice, just in general to be ugly about parenting styles and choices.  But anyway.. everyone has an opinion so whatevies! 

In other news, besides my cute boy's face is a HUGE blown up view of my very unfortunate and way late to get highlighted, roots. YIKERS! 

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Cary said...

Laura, this is awesome! You and Fenn both look adorable! Sweet girl, anybody that criticizes your parenting is either a nut case or JEALOUS!! Keep that in mind and try to ignore any of those comments! And for the record, Fenn is a lot more savvy on the Ipad than me!!

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