Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fenn's New Nursery

Whew! It's been Cra-Cra around here! My mom has been in town all week and my Aunt and Nonie just joined us and they have been crack-a-lackin around here! TONS has gotten done today and I feel so much better and less overwhelmed. We mostly worked on furniture placement and going through all the crap in our garage for a MONSTER yardsale/donation pile. 
The 1st finished room is Fenn's. I still plan to always keep this as a nursery and let any future babies use it since its gender neutral. Nursery decorating is not as fun to me as planning his big boy room so , for now that is my plan. 
For the record, he has not seemed to care one bit that we are in a new house. Maybe he thinks we are on vacation but with all out stuff. He tears around this house like he loves it and has been sleeping just fine and like normal, except for trying to wake up at 4 or 5 am lately! Today ( day 4) he finally slept till his normal time ( 6:30 am).

We recreated most of what we had in the other house but changed up his paint colors! ( Big Thanks to Grouthaus Design!

Here is the room starting out. It was a sage green color. 

 Here it is junky and starting a paint accent.
 Painted ceiling, accent stripe, new wall color, drapes hung, furniture arranged.  His old nursery art is in the new playroom so gotta work on that.

Paint Colors: 
Wall : "Gravel" Porter Paints 416-2
Accent Stripe/Ceiling : "Great Green" Sherwin Williams  Flat Finish SW6430
Nursery Furniture Dwell Studio for Target

PS sorry for the crappy pics. I need to work on that.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love love love the room!

I too love when my mama and daddy come to town to help us unpack after a move! They get shit crackalackin, for shiz, like you said!!

Can't wait to hear more about the move!

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