Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fenn's 2nd Birthday Party!

We had Fenn's 2nd Birthday party in my hometown at the Swamp. My parents did all the work ( PTL)! It was great! Casual cook out with family and friends. Fenn, had more fun than anybody which is just the way it should be on his 2nd Birthday! 

 Playing with his cousin Wilburs. This was probably his favorite part of the whole trip. He was SO enthralled with Will! My parents probably needed  a vacation after we all left because those boys screamed and hooted and hollered and wrestled 24-7!

 We had a Farm Theme!
 He was too busy to enjoy blowing out candles or opening his presents so Mom had to help with do both!
 After playing in rain barrels he fell in the dirt and had a mouth full!
 and even though he was 1 hr past bedtime he still enjoyed some rides on the gator! ( for those not from the south, a gator is like a souped up gold cart that you ride out in the wild.)

He had a great birthday and came home and filled it with some drama! That is for another post!

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