Monday, August 6, 2012

A Random Crib Accident

While all you other Moms out there are dealing with Toddlers who climb out of the bed, Peebs is perfectly happy to stay in his, however that does not mean it is without drama. We had a really terrible scene this week.
The other morning at 5 am he woke up cry crying kind of crazily. I did not think much of it as he woke up that way the day before too, so I assumed he was having bad dreams.  I went in his room and realized his foot was stuck in a crib slat ABOVE his head. I could not get it out, and had to get Erik to come get him. It was awful. 
I scooped him up and took him to our bed and he slept on my chest till 8:30am. He never sleeps past 7am. Which means he was up for some amount of time trying to untangle his foot on his own. 
When he woke up for breakfast, he would not eat or walk and it was heart breaking. I spent most of that day in tears. I had to try and put some type of clothes on while holding him because he would not let me set him down. We went to the pediatrician looking like scrubs! Then I cried a whole mess of tears in there ( and our pediatrician is a cute man so that was embarrassing!). He sent us to a orthopedic guy and did X-rays.  It was not broken or fractured, just swollen and hurt. It was a long day of 9 hours worth of Doctor visits. Thankfully our realtor and family friend Sara came over and helped me with some house stuff and watched him so I could shower and eat in between doctor trips.

So all of that is the boring details, the part of the story that is helpful or interesting is that:
A.) I had no idea that a crib slat could cause such damage
B.) the way his leg wounds have manifested. He actually has blisters on his legs from the friction where it was caught.

I am sure you all saw my earlier post about the mystery wound on his finger, and how we could not IMAGINE how he would have gotten burned. It looked just like a burn, but now we know that it was a friction blister, probably from when he pinched his finger in some sunglasses. I am so glad to know that now because I was eaten up worrying about what the heck had hurt his finger. 

We are on day 2 now of his hurt leg and he finally started walking again. Its kind of limpy but he's walking! It has been so sad seeing him like this. Soon as we move into the new house, the big boy bed is coming out! 
 swelling :

 See the blisters :(

I am SO thankful that his leg was not broken or hurt really bad but it scared this momma pretty good.  So that is my PSA for the week!" beware of crib slats and babies with juicy legs!"

... and know that blister does not have to = burn!


Susannah said...

So sad about Peebles and his hurt leg! I hope homeboy feels better soon! Xoxo from auntie!

Julie Bray said...

how sad! Glad he will be getting his big boy bed soon. Don't forget the pool noodles to prevent sliding between bed and wall (if you position it that way) or between mattress and guard rail. Put the noodle under the water proof mattress pad and it will stay put. It has saved Ben from sliding or getting caught in those little places you might not think of even with those rails up.
The rails prevent rolling out of bed, the noodle fills in the empty space.....

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