Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tip Tuesday : Charging issues for iPhones & iPads

Lately Erik & I both have been getting error messages when we try to charge our iPhones iPads, both  from the wall or from the computer so I did some digging around on the internet to see what all could be the issue. Below are several different things you should know about iPad and iPhone charging!

If you are having these charging issues, first check your USB cord for any damage ( rips tears etc). If that is OK, then start thinking about your power source.

An apple iPad requires 2A input current , so computers with USB port output 500-700 m A do not support to charge iPad. Please connect your iPad to 10W USB power adapter for efficient charging.

Those of us with many Apple devices end up with lots of cables and there seems to be a lot of confusion about which cable is the right one to use with the iPad and the iPhone in order to get a battery charged.
The reality is that there’s only one cable that Apple ships out with any of the iPhone/iPad/iPod devices these days. In fact, you can verify that on the Apple store’s page for their one cable. ( see below) The bigger question is where do you plug the other end in!

You have 4 choices of where to plug in the ‘power’ end of the cable.
  1. the iPad wall adapter (10 watt)
  2. the iPhone wall adapter (5 watt)
  3. your mac’s USB port
  4. your pc’s USB port

MACWORLD has an entire article that you can read HERE, but below are some highlights :

Fastest charging - iPad charger: For the fastest charging of any iPad, use the iPad’s included 10-Watt USB Power Adapter or a third-party charger certified for fast-charging an iPad. This will fully charge a first- or second-generation iPad in a few hours, even if you’re using the iPad at the same time; the third-generation iPad will take a bit longer, as explained below.

The third-generation iPad: The newest iPad has even heftier charging requirements than its predecessors, for a couple reasons. First, it has considerably more battery capacity than the first two iPads—42.5 watt-hours, compared to 25 watt-hours—so even at the fastest rate of charging, the third-generation iPad takes noticeably longer to fully charge. (And, in fact, according to testing by DisplayMate, the new iPad’s battery doesn't reach a full charge until about an hour after its battery meter displays 100%.) So no matter how you charge, it will take longer to fully charge a third-generation iPad than either previous iPad.
Second, though every iPad model charges more slowly if you’re using it while charging, this slowdown is much more noticeable on the third-generation iPad because the new iPad’s electronics—its screen, processor, and the like—require more overall power than the previous models’ components.
What this means is that the first three charging guidelines above apply differently to the latest iPad. For starters, some users report that even when using Apple's 10-Watt power adapter, if you’re doing processor- and graphics-intensive tasks such as playing a demanding video game, and you’ve got the iPad’s brightness set to maximum and Wi-Fi or cellular data enabled, it may seem as though the battery isn’t charging at all. During other tasks, the tablet might instead charge very slowly. Using a high-power USB port, a third-generation iPad will charge slowly when asleep, but generally not when in use—in my testing, a 2010 iMac’s USB port held the battery level steady while I watched video at medium brightness. And when connected to a lower-power USB port, the iPad will charge—very slowly—only when asleep; when in use, a third-generation iPad will likely use more power than it gets, resulting in a gradual decline of battery level (although at a slower rate than if the iPad wasn't connected to power at all).


melissa said...

So helpful - thanks! I always love your Apple tips & tricks!

kwikster said...

thanks Laura. We have a wireless charging pad and when we connect our 5watt charger in, the iPad says "Not Charging". However it is charging, it's just a slow trickle charge. Works for us and it charges overnight. So, even if it says not charging, it really is. Whoever thought Apple would lie?

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