Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fenn Turns TWO!

I am just shocked that my baby is TWO years old!! I have been noticing lately how much he looks more like a little boy, and how TALL he is. He is a sweet , sweet little prince and I am excited to see what he will think about his new house/room/yard etc.

He is really into hamming it up and entertaining a crowd! This is him at his buddy Walker's 2nd Birthday party. He entertained the grandparents, flirted with a woman all day and had a great time.
Uncle Louie and Aunt Andrea surprised him with a Firetruck. Incidentally he already had a fireman's hat, book and Dalmatian from his previous birthday so he is all set to be a Fireman now. He LOVES this truck and spends more time pushing it around than riding in it. He loves to chase us or Ralphie with the truck and laughs and laughs while he does it. He enjoys hanging out in it as well and he is below playing ipad puzzles while chilling in his firetruck!
He spends lots of time cooking  in the kitchen with me these days. He loves it. His favorite activities in the kitchen are : Peeling onions, stirring, adding any kind of spice/cheese, and licking bowls from cupcakes. He is making an omelet below.

We have had LOTS of meeting and paperwork lately with all the house stuff and here he is trying to mess with Sara. He will do his best to make eye contact with anyone who is not paying him enough attention. ( you can tell Stevie was thrilled to be there) HA

One of his FAVORITE things to do is have us draw circles , and shapes then count them. He will BEG you to draw on that etch a sketch till your hand is about to fall off. If you start drawing the "wrong" thing he will erase it for you immediately.
This is a pic of a mystery wound he had on his finger this month. It was blistered like a burn n the beginning and this is a picture about 5 days later as it was healing. It looked AWFUL. We have no idea what happened or where. I am thinking it must have happened at Mother's Day out because I would have seen him cry or scream after that type of injury, but we really have no idea.  But I bring all this up to say that he is literally a road map of bruises, bumps and scrapes these days. He is very rough, and rarely cries or stops what he is doing if he falls or anything so at bathtime I just have to check all his wounds and try to guess which one is from what.
Washing dishes is another one of his FAVORITE activities.

We are having his 2nd Birthday party in Monroeville at " The Swamp Cookshed" as it s a farm party. I brought all his gifts he has gotten in the mail for him to open there. He is so obsessed with his 4 yr old cousin Wilburs , that I wonder if he will even open his presents! I will post pictures from that later.

In other news, a few people have asked me if I was potty training him. Should I be? Is that what you do at 2 years old? Seems like a pipe dream to me at this point but would love any info you guys have  on potty training like books, methods and what age you potty trained if you have a boy.

I will have to post his stats next week after his 2 year old Check up!


Susannah said...

Happy birthday sweet boy! I can't believe you are TWO!!

Cary said...

Happy, happy birthday Fenn!

P.S. Please tell your Daddy happy birthday from me tomorrow!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday to Fenn! I hope his party was wonderful!

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