Monday, July 2, 2012

Fenn turns 23 Months Old! ( almost TWO)!!!

So let's see.... most of the info is the same as before but we have a few new things ..  I find these bulleted updates boring now so Once he is 2 I will do a more summarized version!

** Fenn with my dad in their matching National Wild Turkey Federation T-shirts. He is a miniature version of my dad and they have MUCH in common.****

Height  : 36 inches I think
Weight : 36 lbs I think? Maybe 40?
Head :? Still big enough that I have a hard time getting his shirts on and off.

Clothes Size : 4T in pretty much everything and shoe size 9.

Milestones : INDEPENDANCE!
cleaning up after himself
working very complicated puzzles. He is a puzzle MASTER and LOVES them. I am amazed at how quickly he can complete them.
He finally learned how to go down slider by himself. I was dying have to haul his heavy self to the top of a slide each time he wanted to go down so this was awesome. Big slides too! 
cooking! He is a great chef assistance.

Because he must be busy all waking hours of the day we frequent a lot of indoor playgrounds. He loves to watch the other kids and play with them.

Baby Gear : I still use the stroller or wagon a good bit because he is so heavy and if I have other things to carry, like pool stuff it is impossible without a set of wheels.

Toys: I have not bought toys in ages, but with him outgrowing some of them, and his birthday around the corner I bought a few new things and I LOVE this for a boy or a girl 
 Kidoozie Funtime Tractor ( note that it is $10 cheaper on Amazon than other places)

Books : He really REALLY enjoys "counting" stuff right now, as in the book or app counts, not him! So he likes this book called " One foot, TWO feet" .
He also likes a book called " Where is my T-R-U-C-K ? " which I think is funny and clever. 
another one he is requesting is "The Minosaur"

Diaper Bag - No longer Used/Needed.

Eating - this is a Big topic, so take a seat. I have had SO much trouble getting him to eat anything other than baby food and yogurt for MONTHS. Driving me INSANE. I had done food bootcamp twice with little success and was about to pull my hair out when we turned a corner. Trust me when I say I had tried everything, even stuff I said I would never do, i.e. Jessica Sienfield style.
Lately, due to his independence, I have been treating him like a sidekick instead of a baby. So I include him in my every task, which includes daily cooking. He sits on the counter and I talk to him like I am doing a cooking show and tell him what everything is and  what we will do with it and I let him help when he can do it without killing the recipe. HA  Recently, ... he has started tasting all the ingredients ( even olive oil) and when we got done, he started digging in and taking  bites! I was SHOCKED. He was both, eating a new food, and a SOLID food without my begging. I have learned from experience with him that its best not to go bananas with excitement when he does something you like, or he will never do it again, unless he is pulling out his party tricks. 
So.. now he eats what we make for his meals which is such a huge freakin relief.. I can't even tell you how much it bothered me daily.
Also worth noting is that we do not do "snacks" except for one a day, right when he wakes up from a nap and that snack is always junk food like cookies, and we do not do juice, ever. I give him a green smoothie watered down some, water with ice or Milk in the mornings. We also only drink with meals unless playing outside in the heat. I am hoping that controlled liquids, will not only keep him hungry enough to eat what I give him, but also help him with learning potty training.

*Squeezing Lemons for our food that night*

Sleeping - His really excels in  this category! I am SO proud of the fact that he naps and goes to bed without objection and crutches. We are pretty firm about him going to bed at 7pm every night. I know that sounds crazy early but by 7pm I need a break! and it is also parent time so that Erik and I can eat dinner together, relax on the couch with our shows etc.

Teeth - He has been working on molars for a while now. His hands are constantly stuck way back in his mouth. He is chewing on them even as I type this!

Diapers - Still REALLY missing my cloth diapers. He is wearing pull-ups in size 4T and I have learned the hard way that cheap pull ups are not near as well fitting or good as the brand name ones ( which sucks! for the wallet). I changed to pull-ups a while back because he hates diaper changes and I can put on a pull up much quicker!

Discipline - This is another huge topic for us! I was having lots of issues with toddler tantrums, hitting kicking and seriously like 500 time outs a day. He is very frustrated I am sure because he can't speak what he wants. ( still no talking) Then, while reading that French parenting book I thought about changing some things around and when I started creating space for his independence and letting go of controlling so much of our circumstance he was like a new kid. Now that does not mean I am letting him do whatever he wants, what I mean is, inserted of holding his hand every time we go up the stairs, I now insist that he go alone and I walk behind him. I also tell him everything I /we are doing. I had not always done that because I felt like he was too young to understand, but now he is almost 2 and understands everything so I had to correct that !  So anything he can do for himself, I let him do. I also tell him t take his dirty dishes to the sink after meals and I let him stand on a stool to rinse them off. He is VERY proud of this new privilege. My mom calls this "husband training" which is hilar, but true.

**quietly playing his puzzles app while momma shops**

Favorite Apps

Magic Sorter
Kids Trucks
ClickySticky Trains
iBaby Buttons
3D Shape Sorter

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Julie Bray said...

Happy 23 months Fenn!!!
He's so cute! Love that you are telling him everything and letting him be more independent. I personally thought it was crazy when I read to talk about everything you are doing and hearing/seeing to a little guy- we started doing that ever since Ben could open his eyes.... so I felt like a foul talking like that to a baby and little toddler, but it really works! They seem to learn more about their surroundings and feel comfortable in them. After I got over feeling crazy talking to someone who really could not understand it, I started thinking, hum, if I was somewhere I wasn't familiar with, I think I would want to be told what all those crazy new sounds were. Sure, a baby doesn't necessarily think that yet, but at some level it's a securing feeling to be told what something is by someone you trust- mommy and daddy!
Anyway, that's my opinion and I know what you mean thinking it's crazy to do for a little one.....

Also, have you tried those Huggies diapers that are made as diapers, but that function as pull ups?- in the manner they are put one, but tear off and absorb like a diaper. We tried them for a little while, but our little wiggle worm is easier to put on traditional diapers.....

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