Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fenn Turns TWO!

I am just shocked that my baby is TWO years old!! I have been noticing lately how much he looks more like a little boy, and how TALL he is. He is a sweet , sweet little prince and I am excited to see what he will think about his new house/room/yard etc.

He is really into hamming it up and entertaining a crowd! This is him at his buddy Walker's 2nd Birthday party. He entertained the grandparents, flirted with a woman all day and had a great time.
Uncle Louie and Aunt Andrea surprised him with a Firetruck. Incidentally he already had a fireman's hat, book and Dalmatian from his previous birthday so he is all set to be a Fireman now. He LOVES this truck and spends more time pushing it around than riding in it. He loves to chase us or Ralphie with the truck and laughs and laughs while he does it. He enjoys hanging out in it as well and he is below playing ipad puzzles while chilling in his firetruck!
He spends lots of time cooking  in the kitchen with me these days. He loves it. His favorite activities in the kitchen are : Peeling onions, stirring, adding any kind of spice/cheese, and licking bowls from cupcakes. He is making an omelet below.

We have had LOTS of meeting and paperwork lately with all the house stuff and here he is trying to mess with Sara. He will do his best to make eye contact with anyone who is not paying him enough attention. ( you can tell Stevie was thrilled to be there) HA

One of his FAVORITE things to do is have us draw circles , and shapes then count them. He will BEG you to draw on that etch a sketch till your hand is about to fall off. If you start drawing the "wrong" thing he will erase it for you immediately.
This is a pic of a mystery wound he had on his finger this month. It was blistered like a burn n the beginning and this is a picture about 5 days later as it was healing. It looked AWFUL. We have no idea what happened or where. I am thinking it must have happened at Mother's Day out because I would have seen him cry or scream after that type of injury, but we really have no idea.  But I bring all this up to say that he is literally a road map of bruises, bumps and scrapes these days. He is very rough, and rarely cries or stops what he is doing if he falls or anything so at bathtime I just have to check all his wounds and try to guess which one is from what.
Washing dishes is another one of his FAVORITE activities.

We are having his 2nd Birthday party in Monroeville at " The Swamp Cookshed" as it s a farm party. I brought all his gifts he has gotten in the mail for him to open there. He is so obsessed with his 4 yr old cousin Wilburs , that I wonder if he will even open his presents! I will post pictures from that later.

In other news, a few people have asked me if I was potty training him. Should I be? Is that what you do at 2 years old? Seems like a pipe dream to me at this point but would love any info you guys have  on potty training like books, methods and what age you potty trained if you have a boy.

I will have to post his stats next week after his 2 year old Check up!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Waterproof iPhone Cases

Today's Tip is a little different ! I am gonna tell you guys about waterproof iPhone cases. If you are a regular user, you definitely have your iPhone around water and rain. There have been so many times I wanted to use my phone to take pictures of PB in the pool playing and could not because of all the kids splashing .. well last Fall I purchased a new type of waterproof case on Kickstarter called the Escape Capsule. It took about 9 months to get it but I do love it.

It comes in 2 colors and is not a case you would use for every day, because you can not plug into the charger and so forth, also if this case were dropped a lot I would be  Also , water proof cases take some maintenance as far as lubricating the seal every now and then. 

Probably one of the best features about this case is that it has a wrist strap! So handy when you are out and about with kids.  It does a great job of protecting your phone from sand as well. 

Did I mention that this thing also works UNDER water? The screen works really well through the plastic cover as well so you can text etc with ease! 

You can purchase the Escape Capsule Here 

Other Popular Water Proof iPhone cases : 

** Please remember with ANY waterproof case that you must read and follow all instructions AND test it in water before putting your phone in it. I always fold up a paper towel and put inside when testing the case with water.***

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dove Trials & A Coupon!

One of the top reasons people land on my blog is from searching for weird skin rashes! ha Yikes! But I do have very sensitive skin and get break outs from odd things quite often. When I was little the doctor told my mom that I was allergic to soap and I could only use Dove. So... I have been using Dove forever! 
BUT Gah was I glad when they started making body wash and not just bar soap. 
I feel like a body wash is much easier and more time efficient and does not get all icky in the shower.  Recently I volunteered to review some of Dove's new body washes and have been using the Visible Care Renewing Body Wash. It smells wonderful and feels magnificent. Especially on my overly tan and overly dry summer skin! Sometimes when peebs is acting crazy while I take a shower ( taking out all the Q-tips from the box etc) I have to hurry and don't always have time for moisturizing after shower and since using this body wash I can actually skip the lotion without feeling like a lizard my skin is tight and uncomfortable! 

They make 3 different types :

  1. New Dove® VisibleCare Toning Crème Body Wash helps to promote skin’s elasticity and strength
  2. Renewing Body Wash nourishes and replenishes skin
  3. Softening Body Wash softens skin and dry spots

I use the Renewing one and it really makes my skin so soft! Here are more details on it:

- It is designed to nourish and replenish skin
- luxurious lather, with clean rinse
- Smells AWESOME ( pink mimosa and pomegranate)

Here is one of the reviews from their website :

Anyway, I like it and will be using it all the time now! Just wanted to share in case you guys  are looking into a new body wash. 

If you want to enter to win please see rules below. If you would like $1 off coupon you can 
Visit Dove® VisibleCare® to get a coupon for $1 off!

Enter to win one of two $500 Spafinder gift certificates!
You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:
a) Follow this link, and provide your email address and your response to the Promotion prompt
b) Tweet (public message) about this promotion; including exactly the following unique term in your tweet message: "#SweepstakesEntry"; and then visit this link to provide your email address and the URL to that Tweet.
c) Blog about this promotion, including a disclosure that you are receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post, and then visit this link to provide your email address and the URL to that post.
This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. Winners will have 72 hours to claim the prize, or an alternative winner will be selected.
The Official Rules are available here.
This sweepstakes runs from 7/18/2012 - 8/22/2012
Be sure to visit the Dove® VisibleCare™ Crème Body Wash brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A CraZy StoRy.....

You might have noticed I have been a little lo-pro on the internet lately.. and there are quite a few reasons for that which I will likely share over time. ( I am NOT pregnant for those that are curious about that tidbit) HA I got some texts about that.....

Anyway.. ONE of the reasons is because there have been a lot of things in the works and I can't talk about them publicly which is difficult for me since I am no secret keeper.
 First on the list of " No longer top secret" is that Grizaland is MOVING. ( new house below)

It is a long story but if you remember, we put our house on the market 1.5 years ago and then took it off because it was such a frustrating ordeal ( loading up a baby and 2 dogs for showings and trying to keep the house so clean all the time). Well recently we started going to church at Judson Baptist and I sit with this older lady named Sue. She was asking me all the "where you from, where you live what you do" kind of stuff one Sunday and then she grabbed my hand and said " honey I am gonna pray for you to find a nice house in Brentwood".  
Not even a week later, I get a call from a friend who says this chick in her zoomba class wants to look at our house if we are still interested in selling and I said sure, not really thinking much about it. 
Two days later, our realtor called and said they wanted to buy the house. I was shocked and unprepared. Last week was a WHIRLWIND of looking at houses in the area/school district we were after and was pretty emotional. Too may details to get into it all but WHEW. 
( Not to mention that the 1st house our realtor Sara showed us, she fell and broke her foot! I felt terrible about that ordeal , especially because we kept looking at houses afterward and then she went to the doc and it was broken!)

New Living Room:

Anyway, long story long, we have contracts on this house and our new house now and are moving mid August! Its crazy, exciting and very emotional. I will not miss a 2 story house one bit, but we have had so many great times in this house, and our wonderful neighbors on all sides! That it will def be tough to leave. Thankfully our buyers seem to be in love with it as well so I am sure they will make many wonderful memories here too!

I just think its a perfect example of God's timing and plan that this all worked out so easily, and in record time when we least expected it. Within a week of Mrs. Sue praying for us a house, we got one and within about 1.5 months of her prayer we will be living in it. If you would have told me it would happen like that I would have laughed in your face. It's just so crazy, and so neat.

Stay tuned for details! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tip Tuesday : Charging issues for iPhones & iPads

Lately Erik & I both have been getting error messages when we try to charge our iPhones iPads, both  from the wall or from the computer so I did some digging around on the internet to see what all could be the issue. Below are several different things you should know about iPad and iPhone charging!

If you are having these charging issues, first check your USB cord for any damage ( rips tears etc). If that is OK, then start thinking about your power source.

An apple iPad requires 2A input current , so computers with USB port output 500-700 m A do not support to charge iPad. Please connect your iPad to 10W USB power adapter for efficient charging.

Those of us with many Apple devices end up with lots of cables and there seems to be a lot of confusion about which cable is the right one to use with the iPad and the iPhone in order to get a battery charged.
The reality is that there’s only one cable that Apple ships out with any of the iPhone/iPad/iPod devices these days. In fact, you can verify that on the Apple store’s page for their one cable. ( see below) The bigger question is where do you plug the other end in!

You have 4 choices of where to plug in the ‘power’ end of the cable.
  1. the iPad wall adapter (10 watt)
  2. the iPhone wall adapter (5 watt)
  3. your mac’s USB port
  4. your pc’s USB port

MACWORLD has an entire article that you can read HERE, but below are some highlights :

Fastest charging - iPad charger: For the fastest charging of any iPad, use the iPad’s included 10-Watt USB Power Adapter or a third-party charger certified for fast-charging an iPad. This will fully charge a first- or second-generation iPad in a few hours, even if you’re using the iPad at the same time; the third-generation iPad will take a bit longer, as explained below.

The third-generation iPad: The newest iPad has even heftier charging requirements than its predecessors, for a couple reasons. First, it has considerably more battery capacity than the first two iPads—42.5 watt-hours, compared to 25 watt-hours—so even at the fastest rate of charging, the third-generation iPad takes noticeably longer to fully charge. (And, in fact, according to testing by DisplayMate, the new iPad’s battery doesn't reach a full charge until about an hour after its battery meter displays 100%.) So no matter how you charge, it will take longer to fully charge a third-generation iPad than either previous iPad.
Second, though every iPad model charges more slowly if you’re using it while charging, this slowdown is much more noticeable on the third-generation iPad because the new iPad’s electronics—its screen, processor, and the like—require more overall power than the previous models’ components.
What this means is that the first three charging guidelines above apply differently to the latest iPad. For starters, some users report that even when using Apple's 10-Watt power adapter, if you’re doing processor- and graphics-intensive tasks such as playing a demanding video game, and you’ve got the iPad’s brightness set to maximum and Wi-Fi or cellular data enabled, it may seem as though the battery isn’t charging at all. During other tasks, the tablet might instead charge very slowly. Using a high-power USB port, a third-generation iPad will charge slowly when asleep, but generally not when in use—in my testing, a 2010 iMac’s USB port held the battery level steady while I watched video at medium brightness. And when connected to a lower-power USB port, the iPad will charge—very slowly—only when asleep; when in use, a third-generation iPad will likely use more power than it gets, resulting in a gradual decline of battery level (although at a slower rate than if the iPad wasn't connected to power at all).

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fenn turns 23 Months Old! ( almost TWO)!!!

So let's see.... most of the info is the same as before but we have a few new things ..  I find these bulleted updates boring now so Once he is 2 I will do a more summarized version!

** Fenn with my dad in their matching National Wild Turkey Federation T-shirts. He is a miniature version of my dad and they have MUCH in common.****

Height  : 36 inches I think
Weight : 36 lbs I think? Maybe 40?
Head :? Still big enough that I have a hard time getting his shirts on and off.

Clothes Size : 4T in pretty much everything and shoe size 9.

Milestones : INDEPENDANCE!
cleaning up after himself
working very complicated puzzles. He is a puzzle MASTER and LOVES them. I am amazed at how quickly he can complete them.
He finally learned how to go down slider by himself. I was dying have to haul his heavy self to the top of a slide each time he wanted to go down so this was awesome. Big slides too! 
cooking! He is a great chef assistance.

Because he must be busy all waking hours of the day we frequent a lot of indoor playgrounds. He loves to watch the other kids and play with them.

Baby Gear : I still use the stroller or wagon a good bit because he is so heavy and if I have other things to carry, like pool stuff it is impossible without a set of wheels.

Toys: I have not bought toys in ages, but with him outgrowing some of them, and his birthday around the corner I bought a few new things and I LOVE this for a boy or a girl 
 Kidoozie Funtime Tractor ( note that it is $10 cheaper on Amazon than other places)

Books : He really REALLY enjoys "counting" stuff right now, as in the book or app counts, not him! So he likes this book called " One foot, TWO feet" .
He also likes a book called " Where is my T-R-U-C-K ? " which I think is funny and clever. 
another one he is requesting is "The Minosaur"

Diaper Bag - No longer Used/Needed.

Eating - this is a Big topic, so take a seat. I have had SO much trouble getting him to eat anything other than baby food and yogurt for MONTHS. Driving me INSANE. I had done food bootcamp twice with little success and was about to pull my hair out when we turned a corner. Trust me when I say I had tried everything, even stuff I said I would never do, i.e. Jessica Sienfield style.
Lately, due to his independence, I have been treating him like a sidekick instead of a baby. So I include him in my every task, which includes daily cooking. He sits on the counter and I talk to him like I am doing a cooking show and tell him what everything is and  what we will do with it and I let him help when he can do it without killing the recipe. HA  Recently, ... he has started tasting all the ingredients ( even olive oil) and when we got done, he started digging in and taking  bites! I was SHOCKED. He was both, eating a new food, and a SOLID food without my begging. I have learned from experience with him that its best not to go bananas with excitement when he does something you like, or he will never do it again, unless he is pulling out his party tricks. 
So.. now he eats what we make for his meals which is such a huge freakin relief.. I can't even tell you how much it bothered me daily.
Also worth noting is that we do not do "snacks" except for one a day, right when he wakes up from a nap and that snack is always junk food like cookies, and we do not do juice, ever. I give him a green smoothie watered down some, water with ice or Milk in the mornings. We also only drink with meals unless playing outside in the heat. I am hoping that controlled liquids, will not only keep him hungry enough to eat what I give him, but also help him with learning potty training.

*Squeezing Lemons for our food that night*

Sleeping - His really excels in  this category! I am SO proud of the fact that he naps and goes to bed without objection and crutches. We are pretty firm about him going to bed at 7pm every night. I know that sounds crazy early but by 7pm I need a break! and it is also parent time so that Erik and I can eat dinner together, relax on the couch with our shows etc.

Teeth - He has been working on molars for a while now. His hands are constantly stuck way back in his mouth. He is chewing on them even as I type this!

Diapers - Still REALLY missing my cloth diapers. He is wearing pull-ups in size 4T and I have learned the hard way that cheap pull ups are not near as well fitting or good as the brand name ones ( which sucks! for the wallet). I changed to pull-ups a while back because he hates diaper changes and I can put on a pull up much quicker!

Discipline - This is another huge topic for us! I was having lots of issues with toddler tantrums, hitting kicking and seriously like 500 time outs a day. He is very frustrated I am sure because he can't speak what he wants. ( still no talking) Then, while reading that French parenting book I thought about changing some things around and when I started creating space for his independence and letting go of controlling so much of our circumstance he was like a new kid. Now that does not mean I am letting him do whatever he wants, what I mean is, inserted of holding his hand every time we go up the stairs, I now insist that he go alone and I walk behind him. I also tell him everything I /we are doing. I had not always done that because I felt like he was too young to understand, but now he is almost 2 and understands everything so I had to correct that !  So anything he can do for himself, I let him do. I also tell him t take his dirty dishes to the sink after meals and I let him stand on a stool to rinse them off. He is VERY proud of this new privilege. My mom calls this "husband training" which is hilar, but true.

**quietly playing his puzzles app while momma shops**

Favorite Apps

Magic Sorter
Kids Trucks
ClickySticky Trains
iBaby Buttons
3D Shape Sorter

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