Sunday, June 10, 2012

Randomosity & Catching up...

I have not blogged much lately... and honestly have not really missed it, although I think that is because I have not had time to. Erik has been working a lot lately ( thank you bubs) which means I have been with the boy 24-7 and he has been keeping me busy. Here are some things we have been up to:

Reading. I am trying to read more. I read the 50 Shades series and am currently reading "Raising Bebe" ( thanks Sarah S.) I am fascinated by this Bebe Book.

New and More discipline. I had to face facts that I was being lazy in many regards when it came to disciplining peebs. He is a persistent little joker and sometimes I just don't have the energy to haul is 40lb but to the time out chair 85 times in a row... BUT I am in full force now. He catches on pretty quickly but he fights a good fight. The biggest victory in all of this is that now when he acts a fool in a store, I do not pick him up from buggy or even really acknowledge it. I just pretend to be very confident and unbothered ( while i sweat buckets from embarrassment) and then he STOPS. and BEHAVES for the rest of the trip/trips.  Good stuff.

Peebs still is not talking much! I am so mystified by this. I would be very worried if not for having him evaluated a few months ago, and also because I have heard him talk.. WHEN he wants to, but HE.DOES.NOT.WANT.TO.  In fact the more we encourage or celebrate talking the less he does it. He acts out his communication and is very good at it. I am surprised ( daily) by what he can do (i.e. pull a chair all the way over to the fridge so that he can reach and get what he wants. 
He does however, completely understand anything I tell him. Even long thoughts, for example, " Peebs if you want to go outside you must first come let me change your diaper and then put your shoes on" He will come right over for a diaper and then grab his shoes. 
I am dying for this kid to talk. It will be so FUN. In the meantime, after reading "Raising Bebe" I have resolved to talk and act like he is 4 basically, and just expect him to come out with full sentences any day now.

Erik has been gone to Bonnaroo since Friday! I am so sad I missed out but someone needed to stay with Peebs and so I volunteered to let that be his Father's Day present. It has gone really well and I am glad he could go have fun. I am a firm believer that all peeps/parents need time alone, time with spouse sans kids, and then family time. He never gets free time when he is not working so this was a great trip for him! 

With daddy gone for the weekend I worked hard on cleaning this house and organizing some things. I am planning a yard sale soon and can not WAIT to get a lot of this junk out of this house. Min inner hoarder will cry... but my Feng Shui will be kickin'! I have some designer stuff that I may do a blog sale for... just not sure that is what I want to do with my free time. Ever since I started working from home, any kind of consignment sale etc works my nerves.

Speaking of work.. things are going well. I have FINALLY completed a full production of the ilatch case, now in back and white and in a beautiful box. Hoping TONS of big retailers pick it up and order tons. The ikid design is almost complete. This has been exhausting but worth it. I have a prototype now that is not near as good as the final product will be, but I love it and so does peebs. I can't wait to get that all completed as well.

This is getting long, so I will end now. Here are some pics just for fun.

The boy took some crayons and redecorated his playroom. I was watching him but not wearing my glasses and I NEVER saw him standing on the furniture to color these shelves! Geesh! He is sneaky. Thank goodness for magic eraser.
 Chocolate popsicles. Pretty much his only "treat" he gets these days as we are back in food bootcamp. I give him these because he is getting his molar
 trying out the ikid proto
 2 trips to the Monkey Treehouse and he started going down the big slide all by himself!
 watering his daddy's plants. He does EVERYTHING Erik does in the yard. It is so cute and funny.

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In this wonderful life... said...

peebs is so adorable!! i think my lil man is going to be a stinker, too!!

I want to read the Bebe book!

Yay for the ilatach stuff going good!!

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