Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Menu Planning & Food Budget : Week 1

We have been WAY overspending on food for the last few months and I am working hard this week to plan better and reign that in. I have made a Weekly Menu, A shopping list (broken down by section), attached the recipes, AND price shopped online to get an estimated Weekly Total.
Few things to remember:

  • We buy expensive meat due to the hormones and all of that and as a result eat meat maybe twice a week. This is for health and financial reasons. Many of these recipes can have meat added.
  •  I only priced shopped certain things organic depending on price differences and importance
  • We eat a salad pretty much every night, and I did not show all the different ways to make salads or price match for that. I just use this as a way to incorporate a living veggie and fruit daily ( nuts too) etc.
  • I try to keep most of it healthy with a cheat day or so

This weeks meal total was right at $89.00. The menu is below. If you like it and want the lists and recipes etc you can click here and print out the google document with all of that information compiled.

MONDAY: Baked Lemon Pasta , Roasted Asparagus, Salad and Texas Toast

TUESDAY: Parmesan Chicken Fingers, Green Bean Casserole, Baked Brown Rice

WEDNESDAY: Tomato and Corn Pie with a salad

THURSDAY : Hummus Melts, Baked Sweet Potato Fries & a Salad

FRIDAY: Cheesy Enchilada Casserole with Side Salad

WEEKEND: Leftovers


Susannah said...

Cool and way to go! Menu planning and shipping on sale in advance are great ways to save money and be less stressed! These look good!

Michelle C. said...

Now I am HONNNNNNNGRAY! :) Thanks for posting everything. I have to make a grocery run at some point this week...who knew food shopping would be such a chore, huh?!

I despise couponing. Well, I don't despise it, I just don't do it. Anyways, I have been taking just cash to the grocery store and it's been a good "tool" to make sure I stick with my list and don't overspend. If I can drop our grocery budget to less than $100/week, I'll be a happy girl.

Unknown said...

Also, if you like fried foods but don't want the greasy oil, you can use coconut oil. VERY healthy and the food is not greasy when you eat it. I made some homemade sweet potato chips with it and they were very good, except for the bunch I burned.

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