Monday, June 18, 2012

1st Day at Mother's Day Out

Before our 1st Day of Mother's Day Out, we posed for the traditional school pic. Or.. I asked him to pose and he strutted around the yard like a peacock.  Having him sit or stand still for any length of time is not on the menu these days.. 

 He thought everything was awesome and dandy when we got there, but we had to wait in the playroom because we were early, and he was having a blast with all the toys , UNTIL I made him leave to go meet his teacher, and he LOST.HIS.MIND. ( see pics below).  Quite the 1st impression.

and just like all kids, he was fine as soon as I left. He saves all his major dramaz for his mommaz. Sweet boy!
Unfortch, he picked up a germ on day 1 and missed day 2. Tomorrow will be day 3 and I hope it goes well. The fact that they got him to nap on a floor mat was shocking!

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Linzy said...

so cute. It is amazing how kids will listen to other people so much better than their parents. Then they get around mom and dad and they unleash the anger, frustration, etc. But I guess that just means they are comfortable to be their true selves around us. :)

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