Thursday, May 3, 2012

What we have been up to lately...

Obvi the blog has been falling behind lately.. and that is OK. I have had a lot on my plate and had to choose where to put my time and attention and I am also trying to transition from blogging just because or blogging because I want to.. so 
Here is what has been going on over here lately:

  • Pred's games! It is play off time for the predators hockey team and we have been going to lots of games!
  • redecorating our living room. I painted and sold most of our old stuff on Craigslist and am waiting on some new furniture to come in. I also sewed some new curtains. Once it is all done I will post some pics!
  • Cooking! Trying to cook more often and more healthy meals. Y'all know I have food hoodoo and thanks to @paulburns watched the food documentary " Forks before Knives" .. excellent and highly educational. It is sad really how uneducated the American population is on our food and how it relates to health. 
  • Computer issues. My computer started freezing between every action, right around the same time I switched internet providers. Really regret changing from AT&T to Comcast. Grrrr
  • Working.My.Butt.Off. I finally tackled my fear of public speaking to be on a panel of mom inventors for the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce last week. 
  • Still working on the ikid ipad case development. Developing any product from scratch is HARD. The design take s awhile , then finding a manufacturer, then trying to make prototypes. Right now we are trying different compositions of foam to find just the right one. 
  • Working with a graphics expert to design the packaging for the ilatch. packaging in the retail world is a big deal so I have been working VERY hard to get just the right look. That means professional pics of the new design UPC codes, etc. 
  • Filming the ilatch demo video with a professional videographer. Y'all! Acting ain't for me! No matter how passionate I feel about my products, having to remember lines, while having good posture and trying to remember to smile while I talk and stuff over and over again is hard work. Literally sweating when I do those segments! 
  • running. I am still doing the couch to 5K thing the other day, and recently someone asked me what race I was training for... and I was taken aback! I am not training for any race, just trying to get more healthy and fit. Tricky business since running makes me eat more than I ever have in my life! Also kind of disheartening when I look down after 2 miles and its says i have only burned 280 calories.. for REALZ? That is like 1 drink or 1 cadburry egg! yikes.
  • Sinus infection. Oh how I miss perfume. I battled a sinus infection for about 2 weeks and I think it is finally over. Trying not to take antibiotics for every thing that comes up, but it was not easy.
  • I bought a groupon for a stylist to come over and do a closet audit. That deserves its own post and will get one!
  • Preparing for our big trip in 2 weeks! Erik and I are going to Hawaii. I call it my swan song because we want to have another baby soon and leaving 2 kids behind is gonna be a lot harder than leaving 1 so we wanted to take one great trip together, just us before we try for a new little griza. 
  • socializing! We have Jgro's baby shower this weekend! It will be Derby themed since its derby weekend! My birthday was last week , so we had some outings for that. sean & mary over for dinner one night. CoCo came to visit for a few days.. etc.
  • Concerts! Death Cab in Louisville 2 weeks ago, Counting Crows Saturday Night!
  • Buying gifts for various birthdays, weddings and babies. I am WAY behind on this and it has been driving me crazy so I finally sat down, googled registries and have been working on that stuff!

I think that sums it up. I am still super behind on Google Reader, tweets and emails. Mostly due to the computer issues, but also due to the tight schedule. Hope to get caught up soon so please don't be offended if I owe a response to something! 


Erica said...

Yay for baby #2 soon! :) So happy for you to get away too, and the Groupon thing!? I need!

melissa said...

I am so impressed with you and the amazing things you're doing with the iLatch! It's so inspiring to see someone turn an idea into reality. Way to go!

Enjoy your trip to Hawaii - you've earned the break!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I bet you did amazing speaking on the panel, you are STONG girl!

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