Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Taking Kids to the Zoo

I am sure you guys probably go to the Zoo often with your kids, but we have been a total of 3 times so far, and today was  one of those times! We joined Cory & Walkybear for a day of sweating and pulling a wagon  up and down hills while buying $7 ice cream  animal sightings and enrichment.

It became apparent how unprepared I was, and next time I will DEF. do better. Read on for my tips if you are into that sort of thing! I am blogging this so I will remember next time!

First off, Stroller or Wagon? Probably depends on the kid, but since we had 2 kids we thought the wagon was a good option. This wagon in particular is  the bomb! It has a collapsible shade canopy, it folds flat for your trunk, and has a cargo area for purse/diaper bag. Everybody and their momma asked us about this Wagon when we were there! Shout out to @juliebray for recommending it to me.

After checking on Amazon for a link, it appears that my wagon is actually a "Garden Wagon" which is about half the price and folds better than the one advertised for kids. Just search "fold wagon" on amazon and check it out for yourself. We have this one.


  1. Mistake #1- Bringing a purse. There are many times when you have to park your ride and go elsewhere , but who wants to leave their stuff unattended? Next time I will bring a BACKPACK ( i feel like after watching Dora 47 times a day that word should be capitalized)
  2.  Mistake #2 - Bringing a big camera. I brought my fancy camera cause I just knew that the zoo was gonna be a great photo op! Not so much.... Mostly I just worried about it getting stolen and took pics and video with the iphone because that was easier. Next zoo trip I will be leaving that bad boy at home.
  3. Mistake #3 - Buying Zoo food and drink. No one checked my bag for snacks so I guess it's legal to bring your own. Certainly cheaper! Next time I will bring all my own snacks and drinks, for myself as well as the boy.
  4. Mistake #4 - Tennis Shoes.. although I was comfortable, I could not get them on and off easily for the playground for kids that required you to be shoe-less. 
  5. Mistake #5 - I only brought a $20 bill. I didn't know what I would need but the token machine for the train ride would not break a 20 so there was no train ride for our boys and I think they would have really loved that!
So... next time? I will be ready! I will have my backpack filled with water, Snacks, Sunscreen and $1 with my iphone in my pocket and flip flops! ha 

Peebs REALLY enjoyed the fish. The rest of the zoo didn't mean a thing to him, although he did look at a few of the animals .. the fish were the only ones that he enjoyed watching and in fact, SCREAMED his head off when we moved on from that exhibit. I would NEVER have smashed up crackers to feed the fish causing a spectacular frenzy for my boy to enjoy. Never!

This joker right here had Obvi had about as much as he could stand,..... of the kids & the heat.. and I totally understood!

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Julie Bray said...

Glad you like the wagon! We still get tons of compliments on our's too. I saw them at Costco this week!
Great recs for a zoo trip too!

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