Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hawaii Day 3 &4

I can not remember how many days we have been here anymore or what day we are on... so
Here are some pics from our day on a Catamaran and snorkeling. I am SO sad that my dang Escape Capsule Waterproof iphone case was not in before this trip ( Kickstarter project I have been waiting a YEAR on).. anyway It would be have awesome to take pics and video underwater when we snorkeled!
We met some southern peeps from ATl and had a good time visiting with them.
Our favorite spot so far as been on the Southern beaches in Poipu. They are very pretty and swimable!
We were able to rent prescription snorkel masks which I think is pretty neat!
I am on book 2 in the 50 Shades series and I am sick of hearing about her subconscious all the time or her inner Goddess.
I finished my couch to 5k Run here in Hawaii which I think is worth celebrating!
Missing my boy something terrible and can't wait to see that joker!

1 comment:

Erica said...

I quit half way through in book one of 50 Shades. Not sure if I'll go back to it or not. It was right after he showed her the playroom. ????

You guys look so happy and vacation-y in that photo. Keep on enjyoin', you'll be back to mommying in no time!

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