Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hawaii Day 2!

Here are some pics from day one! I have no idea how this will look when posted as I am using my ipad with the blogger app and I think it does not line up pictures correctly?
You can see from the pics we look like the only peeps around, part of that is because it's much less crowded here than we are used to with Cabo , and also because we are up with the SUn every day ha!
Those creepy crabs are all over the rocks. I loved them and Erik did NOT. I am excited to see some sea life but we could not get a snorkel trip lined up till next week. We also have a luau booked and I'm excited about that as well.
We are driving somewhere to do a run on some pretty trails this morning. Gonna try to sight see a little bit as we spend the whole day lounging at the hotel yesterday ( and may have gotten a little too much sun).
I got a real plumeria lei last night for a $1! Pretty awesome. They have these stores called " ABC Stores" which I thought was a liquor store but turns out its a souvenir shop! I may have to go get peebs a HAwaiian shirt and matching shorts for kicks. He would look hilarious in that! It is almost 7am here now! So probably lunch time for you guys?...

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Susannah said...

It's so beautiful! Glad y'all are having fun and peebs would ROCK some Hawaiian attire!

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