Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hawaii Day 1!

We got to Hawaii about 5pm ( here) but about Midnight our time yesterday and we were SO tired. We basically stopped and had dinner then came to the room and went to bed!
It was some much needed sleep. We had an interesting flight because Charo was on it! I had no idea who she was but Erik recognized her as being famous. Her husband and 24 ( or so) year old son were on the flight too and her son was sitting with us. She was hilarious and kept coming over and kissing him and checking on him, bringing him food etc. When we first boarded she came over and introduced him to Erik and I and told us basically to be friendly and don't let him be lonely, which was kind of hilar adn really embarrassed her son. He told me she just started working for United( the airline ) and that was why she knew everyone etc. I believed him! ha finally as we talked for a few hours he said she was an "entertainer" and I realized Erik was right, she was famous. I said " you told us she works for united" and he was all "I did ?" well I just lie about her all the time out of habit basically.
Anyway it was crazy and fun. He was SUPER nice.
It is very pretty here and the flowers are amazing! We are kind of missing the boy but trying not to think of it too much. I got a video of him yesterday eating dinner with my bro , and Dave got him to eat corn on the cob! Super impressive. Maybe he will have good eating habits when we pick him up after all!
It is only like 9am here ( we have been up since 5) so all we have done is check out the beach and go grocery shopping! I will post some pics later today perhaps!


FootPrints said...

welcome to hawaii!

jcolquett said...

sooooo jealous but so pumped y'all get a vacay! Keep the post coming. D and Fenn are best is a common passion they share!

Cary said...

I am super jealous! Have always wanted to visit there! Please take many, many pictures and have a blast!

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