Monday, May 7, 2012

The Closet Audit and Stylist

So.. I mentioned earlier about the groupon and stylist. I have had lots of events lately that  I do not have the clothes for because I so rarely need cute outfits , and honestly spent more time buying clothes in size 2 or 3T and toys for the past year that my closet has suffered. All of the work stuff has inspired me to get more serious about my overall "look" .. so I snatched up the groupon for $50 for  a 2 hour closet audit with the stylist and then she picks out outfits with shoes and jewelry and make syou several cute looks and takes pics and gives you a "look book" of outfits in what you already own. I hate trying on clothes so that was some work but I learned a lot!

  • start with a good foundation ( underwear).  I finally resolved to get fitted for bras this year which I have never done in my life, and in addition got a good strapless bra that can be configured to different style shirts, and some shapewear. I can not believe I am buying/wearing shapewear, but overall your look is much sleeker and it helps push down my gut. She actually told me I should be wearing a cami under everything.
  • She gave some nice honest feedback and told me what didn't look good on me and why, which clothes I should pitch and which ones I should keep. 
  • She pointed out some basic things my wardrobe is missing,for instance some pewter or silver sandals. (Anybody know of a cute pair?)
  • She suggested belting some things which I never would have thought of or would normally do
  • and she made a pile of things that need altering and is putting me in touch with a person who does great alterations. 

So here are some pics of the outfits she put together. My fav is the coral shirt with my cobalt blue jeans. I NEVER would have thought about pairing those but I love the way they look together.

Here is an outfit that needs a cami!

 My fav outfit:
 and this is a cotton one piece that I loved because it is comfy with pockets but I did not feel like it was flattering and she suggested belting it and gave me a couple of jewelry options to help with that.

So over all it was fun and I learned a lot. Not something I need on a regular basis but I feel like she gave me some good direction and feedback, as well as helped with some direction on what I should and should not be shopping for!


Krista said...

I always wear a cami or tank top. I started when I was pregnant with my first to help concele the outy and then to help stay covered while nursing. Love the outfits.

Courtney said...

That's very cool! I'd like to have someone come in and help me go through my things as well. The coral and blue is definitely cute!

You might check Target or DSW for some cute sandals. I got some fun silver ones at DSW last year, and saw Target had a bunch of sandals yesterday when I was browsing.

Anna said...

Good for you! I'm so jealous!

Julie Bray said...

That's really neat! I'd be too embarrassed to have anyone look in my closet nowadays..... I haven't bought much new clothes in the last couple years since my body has gone thru so many changes! This time next year I want a whole new wardrobe!

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