Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beaches & Babies..

I get lots of emails about babies and beach gear... and now that I have some experience under 
my belt I thought I would revisit this topic a little:

Meet the Super Brella Sport $50
Target has a version of this right now which is also $50, but from reading reviews on Amazon people are much happier with the sport version. I am pretty sure anyone taking kids to the beach, or even without kids, needs some sun shelter but here is why I like this one:
  • Ultra portable because it folds up like a tailgate chair and goes in a bag
  • wind resistant because of those windows on the side
  • you can sit underneath it, even in chairs
  • You can use it for other things like tailgating and soccer or baseball games.
  • Comes in 3 colors: red, blue, green

Little Swimmers Swim Diapers

This is my favorite one because it covers the head AND the neck and has a strap. Getting my stubborn boy to WEAR it is another story.

I know that sounds like torture, and it might be, but my boy is SO white that I can not relax when he is outside unless he is as covered as possible. Sunscreen is hard to feel confident about, and pretty hard to apply to a toddler too, so just as a personal preference I like the long sleeve rash guards.

Last year when Peebs was a baby I LOVE this float:
But word on the street is the new Toddler type float is this ($20 Target) :

There are millions of sunscreens out there, but my favorite has been the Target brand spray kind because it is a very good mist so it gives great coverage quickly, it smells really nice, does not irritate my boys skin, and I can apply it quickly without him having 18 meltdowns. It is also easy to re-apply while he is playing. 

Swimshoes: There was a time when I thought these were silly and unnecessary , but that was before my boy stubbed his toe while barefoot 18 thousand times and bled everywhere. Now I try to have these shoes on him every time we go outside for water play or not. They are easy to wash and basically indestructible.

What are some cool beach and pool gear that you guys love for your kids?


Jessica said...

We got that toddler float thingy last summer and it was perfect for MKR...also helpful was the fact that it was adjustable so we could fit it around her belly!

Marion said...

Let me know how that float goes. I have the shirt that has an inflatable ring and poor C gets dunked a little and rolls like a turtle in it! Where did you find the shoes?

Fly Into Our Nest said...

What are the shoes? brand? from where?

On the swim diapers: We use reusable and it makes so much more sense to me. My favorite is Imse Vimse Swim Diapers. They are cute, fit well and dry fast so you can reuse over and over. They do look like a little speedo though.

Laura Graham said...

The shoes are from Old Navy in that link but mine are from gap outlet. The were about $15. I put a link in the post now!

I did use cloth swim diapers until EVERY time he got in the pool he would poop and cleaning a poop cloth diaper in public is pretty rough… Do you know if Imse Vimse makes them for kids his size? ( 40lbs) if so I will try them again now that he is older.

Marion good to know about the tube shirt. I have an outfit with built in Foam I bought at TJMAXX but I wonder if he will tolerate it!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Punkin' head will look perfect rocking it all!

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