Monday, May 28, 2012

Baby Fenn is 22 Months Old

I am getting bored with my normal monthly updates so I will just start summarizing with the important info! I can not believe my boy is almost 2 years old! He is certainly looking like a little boy now! In fact he looks like a 4 year old. 

He is not talking still. Says a few words: Momma, Dada, paw paw, bebe, etc but still doesn't ever say anything when you ask him, and doesn't chatter non stop. He will act out what he wants or needs and attempt to just help himself rather than speak his needs. He understands everything though. 

He has acquired some new behaviors which are hilarious to me but here are a few:

- He really enjoys "helping" you do anything. He wants to load and unload the dishwasher, and amazing knew where everything went , exactly. He has been watching us do that every morning for a year so I guess he was actually paying attention! He likes to put clothes in the wash, he helped me carry in groceries yesterday without my asking him , which was totally endearing, especially when he hauls a huge bag of potatoes in the kitchen.
- He seems to be kind of particular about where things go and making sure they go there. He has been an organizer since early on, but it was it for fun, and now he seems more serious about it. I watched him retrieve himself a cereal bar today from his cabinet and he got it out of the box , and put the box back exactly like it was, knocked over something accidentally and worked really hard to put that back just right, then shut both doors and put the child lock band back on them before asking me to open his cereal bar.
- Doors must be SHUT. I think all kids go through this phase right? He can't walk past ANY door without shutting it. 
- Dipping and Condiments! He has discovered the art of dipping stuff and now wants to only eat the condiment and not the food. He had some ketchup at my parent's house and wants to eat ketchup by the fistful.

- Mimicking. He does this a lot these days. He pretends to talk on the phone, clean up, anything that he sees us do. He learned how to relax in the recliner and dramatically point the remote at the TV from my dad last week and he loves to do that over and over. 
 - Hiding things under pillows.
- Dancing, He enjoys spinning in a circle to ANY music he may hear. I can barely turn on the iPod now because he spins till he falls over and over.

 He is playing SO hard these days, and mostly outside which means he is slathered in sunscreen or wearing sun-proof clothes all day.

I broke down and bought a bubble machine for $15 a Target cause I was so tired of blowing bubbles and getting all sticky. That was money well spent! It works like a charm and he loves it.
Sidewalk chalk is something we go through TONS of. I found a huge bucket of it at Michaels for $5 which seems to be a good deal.
I bought a water table at Target that is a piece of crap. Really wish I had just ordered a nicer one because he loves to play at it. The one we got has lots of pieces that are not attached well so I am always having to put it back together.
He also plays with his Fisher Price Etch a Sketch thingy all the time when we are inside. 

He has finally started showing an interest in toy cars and pushing them around. 

Other tidbits:

His new fav show is DORA THE EXPLORER! and runner up I guess is Mickey Mouse Club House. Dora is the only show that he actually will sit down to watch. Any other cartoons are just background noise.

He still really enjoys Ralphie the dog, and going for strolls. He will crawl up in his stroller now and start screeching for me to take him on a spin! 

I think his final teeth are coming in now. His cheeks are red, he is spitting again, and has his fingers shoved way back in his mouth pretty regularly. 


Julie Bray said...

Yay Fenn! I am slowly working on Ben's 23 month update (can't seem to find the 15 minutes to type it all out and get the picture uploaded...) But, I have most of it written and it's crazy how much they are doing the exact same!!!

Ben has to have the doors shut, loves to help, is super organized and things have to be a certain way- he will work hard to have it just so or through a fit if you move something, and he mimics us..... Guess they are typical little boys... Can't believe they are almost 2!

The Macons said...

Omg 2 is so cray! Miss ya'll and need some deets on the bus-nass girl!

Andrea said...

I love that picture of Fenn with the remote control! Hilarious!

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