Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tip Tuesday:Intro to using Siri

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Today I wanted to go over a few helpful tips for using Siri, the built in personal assistant on ios.

To access siri hold down your home button and speak.

Tip #1 - Speak punctuation. 
Whenever I am having Siri text for me, I always say "I am on my way, period" and she types it out just right!. You can also speak emoticons , " I am on my way smiley face".

Tip #2 - Add your personal info and name your family members.
Go to Settings>General>siri and add your contact card here so that siri knows who you are and all of your info. If you have more than 1 contact card for yourself it will cause problems. 
You can also tell siri " Erik Graham is my husband" and she will remember that so that later I can say "Text Husband" and she will text Erik G instead of one of the other Erik's in my book.

Tip #3 - Know what you can ask Siri. 
I always forget that I can actually ask her random questions. For example, before  a key note I am always checking the time, in CA, when I could just ask Siri " What time is it in Cupertino, CA?"
You can ask her to text or email someone. You can ask her really lots of complicated questions, so don't forget that and just give her commands.

Spend this week practicing Siri and next week I am gonna show you how to update your twitter and Facebook status using Siri.

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