Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Tracking Data Usage on iPhones & iPads

I recently read a fantastic article over at Everything iCafe that was all about data usage tracking. You can read that by clicking HERE. I thought this would be great for people (like sara) who are new iPhone users and not sure how their data usage is adding up.

Depending on which carrier you have, click the link below to download the appropriate tracking app:

Those apps are a free download. Once you have downloaded the app they all have pretty  much the same "look" and here is how my AT&T one looks:

log in and click on usage:
 then tap that right toggle that says "data". This is for my iPad.

You can also check usage on your phone in the Settings, but that will need to be reset, as in you manually go in and hit "reset" every time your plan starts over. 
To get there you can go to Settings > Usage > Cellular Usage, it will provide both ‘Call Time’ and ‘Cellular Network Data’. Select ‘Reset Statistics’ to restart the counter.

International Data Tracking :
There is  a paid app called "DataMan" that they recommend for international travel so you can keep up with usage. This would have been awesome to have when we were in Mexico. We tried keeping up with it on settings, but trust me, this app would have been much easier! There is a free and a paid version for $1.99.

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