Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Accessing the camera app from the Lock Screen

Sometimes, especially with kids, photo opps just come quickly and unexpectedly. This is the perfect time to use this feature.

For Weeks I have been trying to just press the camera to open the app, with no luck. Finally, I resorted to (gasp) reading the instructions. 
Turns out, you need to swipe the little camera icon UPWARDS to open the app!
Give it a try!


grizaham said...

So simple. I just thought it didn't work!

Susannah said...

I totes agree with Erik, I thought it was random. So glad to learn this! Only downside I can see is you lose the ability to text, tweet, or email that photo instantaneously like you can do when going through the camera app. Thanks hooch!

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