Friday, April 20, 2012


 Just some quick bullet points for a Friday, because I am sort of behind in the game of life and need to spend all my time on my work stuff today.

  • Courtney H ( CoCo) is on town and we spent all day yesterday running errands and shopping about. I also got my 1st Gel manicure. I will let you guys know what I think after a few days or weeks. I am kind of nervous about the idea of committing to return to the salon to have the polish removed.
  • I think my boy has allergies, as his nose runs like a faucet when we go outside and he might even cough some. BUT the 3 of us all have cold/allergy symptoms right now so maybe we have a cold? either way BLHEK
  • I was planning a cook out this weekend at my house, and have always been kind of " the more the merrier" type but little did I know that my friends and cubs had something planned for my birthday that night and the more I planned, the more they STRESSED, so they finally came clean and told me to STOP inviting people for them to have to turn around and un-invite LOL. With @coryholder at the planning helm , I am very excited. That girl does not know how to do things 2nd rate. This takes place Saturday so stay tuned.
  • I keep forgetting to tell you guys that I did NOT win the competition for Wal-Mart Shelf space.sadz. BUT i have to say it was a good experience and got me lots of exposure ( 3 TV spots). Thank you all so much for voting and I am sorry for drowning you all in business related tweets etc for so many weeks.
  • I am still running! I can not even believe that I am saying that. Truth be told, I think Bubs kind of tricked me by buying those expensive running shoes when we were in Mobile. After that I was basically committed and could not get out of it. I am pretty proud of myself though. Still doing the couch to 5K app. I can tell you that running makes me hungry like a WILD BEAST. 
  • Also I think I have mildly touched on the fact that I am redecorating our Living Room. I will do a big reveal on that when it is all done (read:months later). Gotta wait for furniture to come in etc but some stuff has been trickling in and I am uber excited about the new coffee table ( those baskets have been replaced since taking this picture. They were from our old table).


Cory Holder said...

Oh it's on like donkey kong tomorrow night! And I am excited about the new living the color choice.

grizaham said...

Good times.

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