Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Parents Night Out: Death Cab For Cutie in Louisville

Bubs and I took off for a quick 24 hour getaway to Louisville this weekend. I love Louisville and concerts at The Palace because it is a beautiful Venue. We stayed at an awesome hotel called The Seelbach and it was a block from all the action and the concert. 
We ate at this neat place ( below) called The Pub and it was the first time I have ever tried Cider Beer. Our waitress kept trying to talk me into it and brought samples, but I opted against it as it tasted just like apple juice and that could be dangerous.

Us walking to the show. Per usual Bubs is embarrassed to take photos in public so he would only take one while we were walking = blurry.

I have never been front row to anything, and BOY was it awesome. I love Death Cab so much so being front row for them in particular was the Bees Knees. They had an orchestra and it was really pretty. I thought it was interesting that all of its members were completely black outfits.. not to detract from their music I guess... 
After the show, we ate at another pub called Ri Ras and had some amazing calamari & mussels.

Big shout out to my SIL Julie and her BF Rico who kept peebs for us while we were away. An overnight babysitting gig is a big deal and we sure did appreciate it! He enjoyed his time with them and did not seem to miss us. She sent lots of pics and video and he seemed to just go about his normal life, which made me proud! 


Amy @ Forever 29 said...

So fun! We just got back from a trip to Louisville...we passed The Palace, but the only thing going on when we were there was Celtic Woman. No thanks. Glad y'all got some time away...I know how precious that is!

grizaham said...

Top notch trip!

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