Friday, April 27, 2012

Never Thought I Would Be A Runner..

It is hard to believe that I am even typing this post, ME the girl who took band in high school to avoid PE. The girl who swore that running is only necessary if someone had snatched my purse....
But alas, here I sit, 4 days away from my 33rd birthday telling y'all about how I keep having to grow up. 
What started as a fitness train before our big trip to Hawaii has become a HABIT. A habit that makes me feel good about myself, makes me believe in myself ( because if I can do THIS , I can do anything) ... check back tomorrow and see if that is true after my speech.... but seriously.. it has oddly empowered me and I am kind of in to it. It was a chore in the beginning... and now it is something that most days I look forward to.
Once I started running more frequently and I was so proud of myself, I thought DANG that feels good.. to accomplish something I did not want to or did not think I could do.  Then I started doing some other stuff I don't like to do, or kept putting off.. and I have been a machine of productiveness!
 So anyway, back to the running, I thought I would talk about a few things that have helped me because I have had lots of tweets about what apps I am using etc.

Iphone Apps:

  Map My Run - I use this simply to keep up with my route and time and pace etc. It has an option for voice over to give you prompts as well.
RunKeeper - I like how this maps my runs and keeps a running list of the dates, times and milage for me.
Get Running is my Couch to 5K app. I am not so worried about running a 5K etc as I just enjoyed having a coach. There is a woman who will speak every now and then and tell you to run or to walk and how much time you have left etc so that you can go from walking to running and from running just a minute or 2 to running lots of minutes. This app has been a great discovery for me as I realize now that working out is not what I hate, I hate not knowing what to do, and having a coach on my iPhone is awesome!

I also just realized that the Nike+ Gps app is meant to replace the Nike Sensor but records data  the same way so I downloaded it but have yet to use it.

Next Up.. PLAYLIST! I do not know how peeps run without music!
Here it Goes Again - OK GO
Bombs Over Bagdad - OutKast
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
Run This Town - Jay-Z
Stronger - Kanye West
Who Knew - Eminem
Down - 311
Crank That - Soulja Boy 

and because running makes me SOOOO hungry, like all day I can't eat enough to stay full.. which really kills the get in shape part of this, SO I have been researching foods that stay with you and this recipe is Runner's Fuel, full of protein and fiber for slow digestion!

Still working on the work out wardrobe. Do you guys have suggestions of cool apps, outfits that you like, playlists, etc? Please leave comments and let me know! I am a newbie! Thanks!


Courtney said...

Girl! I obviously love this post. I'm glad you are enjoying it. Runner's aren't as crazy as you think. And it IS empowering. If someone had told me two years ago that I'd be attempting a marathon tomorrow I would have LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF. But yet here I am.

For gear, I like the Nike running shorts or any shorts with little hidden pockets for keys and such. UnderArmour makes great sports bras. I don't spend as much money on the tops unless they have built in bras. I used to try to save on bras--bad idea. Spend the money there. I like Brooks shoes and Balga and New Balance make good socks. I shop at the discount stores--Nike outlet, Academy, etc. Target Champion gear also holds up very well for the price. You can save a good bit there.

I'll have to send a separate email with playlists. :) Mostly upbeat songs though. And podcasts or books on tape out the wazoo. I have BURNED THROUGH some books with all this training. is the best for that.

Good luck and keep it up! Trust, if I can run ANYONE can do it. Anyone.

grizaham said...

Set the gear shift to the high gear of your soul!

Cas said...

I'm so glad to see that you stay hungry after starting to run. OMG, I can't get full. I gained 6 pounds when I started running. I've taken two weeks off to try and let my shin splints in both legs heal, but next week I'm getting back out there. I enjoy the alone time, and I feel better and have more energy after a run. I started all kinds of wrong though, that's how I ended up with a swollen ankle and shin splints. But I've been doing some research and when I restart next week I'm doing this right.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I get SO MF-ING HUNGRY after a run. So annoying but I load up on some peanut butter protein and good fats, which seems to help.

Also, I failed gym in high school. Twice. And now I can't get enough running!

Julie Bray said...

That's amazing! I hate to run. But maybe I will try again in a few months- after baby born and allowed to exercise again..... I'll need to do something to get back in shape!
Keep posting on your gear and any tricks to getting into it.

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