Wednesday, April 11, 2012

iPad App Review: Magic Sorter

It has been a while since I did an app review so lets have one! 

I downloaded Magic Sorter a few weeks or months ago when it was FREE for the day and I read about it online somewhere. My boy has loved shaped sorting for a while now. 
I showed him this app 2 days ago, not thinking he would be able to navigate the iPad but would know the shapes and he really shocked me. He was VERY interested in it and learned super quickly how to move those shapes around. 
I was also pretty surprised and impressed with his patience and dedication when he would guess right but his shape would slide away. He just sat there going back to it over and over till it worked. 
He also somehow realized how to restart the game once he was done. He would skip the celebration song of completing the board and go straight to playing. 

Anyway, official review would be like this:

This app is :
great graphics
great sound effects
several choices 
good for teaching patience and perseverance

The app itself looks kind of boring so don't let the app cover art fool you, its really fantastic! $1.99 in the app store and worth every penny! CLICK HERE to download in iTunes.

**Please ignore the obnoxious cheering in the background. I am his momma..... **


The Macons said...

OMG How does he know how to do that?! How cool! What a smart cookie you got on your hands!

Julie Bray said...

Cool! Fenn is amazing. He's a natural iPad boy!

And my fav part was your cheering him on!

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