Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Weekend Brunch Recap

I hosted our Easter brunch this year which I hope to make a tradition. I NEVER have any professional or grown up gatherings over here. Generally I say "Come Over! If you are hungry bring food too!" ha I am just not much of a cook, and I hate being isolated in the kitchen working when it's social hour. 
But for this, I do want it to be yearly and awesome so I planned all week. Menu, Sticky notes on which dish got what etc. It was a great time to use my wedding dishes. When I got married I had no idea what I would do with all that fancy stuff, and funny how much I love it and use it now. I also, never register for any crystal when we got married for the same reason, and regret that now. I have been shopping around for crystal tea glasses and bought these from Macy's recently in a set of 8 for $35.

I actually cooked which was major! but it went well! I tried that grits and greens casserole from My Chiquaqua Bites blog and it was amazing!
Erik freshly juiced oranges for Mimoasa and I printed some Easter Water bottle labels from pinterest.
Family Easter Shot. For some reason this outfit looked so much better in my head than it looked on my body! High wasted stuff is just not for me I think, and I was so busy that morning that I forgot to put on my contrasting coral jewelry!
Bro (my BIL), Shauna and Chloe
Easter Egg Hunt time! Chloe and Nicholas enjoyed it and Peebs could have cared less.

We had some friends from Tampa in  town that weekend and we all had a great time. Their little boy Nicholas is about 6 months older than Peebs and was so sweet and well mannered.
All in all it was a great weekend!

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