Friday, April 6, 2012

The Easter Bunny and a Show Down

Today has been another wild one! We went to the mall to take pics with the Easter Bunny and meet up with some friends that were in town ( Jessica and baby micah) and Nana Chelle.  It was great to see them, and we had a pretty good visit, UNTIL the boy started showing out real good. Jess reads my blog so she was aware of his shenanigans but I think now, she totally feels what I am saying. Literally. Y'all he ripped off her necklace and broke it. Talk about embarrassing! She was leaning in for a half hug while I held him, and next thing I know she is holding a hand full of beads! UGH! 
They also got to see him hit his momma in the face, pull her hair, go to time out TWICE on the floor in front of a gift shop. Good times. 
He did a few demonstrations too! Moonwalks, crawling backward and crab walking. ( he has lately been doing all sorts of weird movements and I have NO idea why but its pretty funny. He also hops between the squares on our checkered rug in the kitchen) ... He is so eccentric these days which is quite entertaining.

So... he didn't love the Easter bunny. That was no surprise. Momma wanted the pic, and we took the 1st shot. They offered to try and get a good one of him but I said we would just take the screamer so as not to torture him and I also like the "realness" in pics. I think this picture is HILARIOUS.
Can you see the mouthful of girl scout cookies I tried to bribe him with?
Now if only they had a cuter Easter Bunny! This guy was pretty tacky IMO.

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Perfectly Imperfect said...

ha! this made me laugh. i ended up in the picture this year. bg wasn't getting anywhere near the guy this year!

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