Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Fenn is 20 months old!

Getting ever close to Birthday #2!!

Height : ?

Weight: close to 40lbs I think because lately he feels significantly heavier.

Head: Proportional! 

Clothes Size: 3T or 4T depending on the item. Shoes : 8.5 

Milestones: We have some words, FINALLY. "Momma" "DaDa" "PawPaw" "Babee" and that is about it. He has tried to mimic what I say sometimes like Thank you, Bye bye etc. But for the most part, he is not interested in talking, He does these high pitched squeals to communicate his feelings.  He understands lots of what you say to him though, and seems to do more talking or minding for others, than for his parents.

Baby Gear : Stroller and a new jogging stroller

Toys: These days he is ALL ABOUT BALLS. All balls any shape and any size and Duplo Blocks.

Books : All books!

Diaper Bag : Diapes, Wipes, Sippy and maybe a snack.

Eating: Don' I honestly just agonize over this kids eating habits right now. I tried to do the "only offer healthy foods" for SEVEN days ( 7 days people!) and all he ate was breakfast. Seriously. No snacks or anything.  
fI am sure this amuses some people to no end, because of how much I worked on his foods as a babe ( breast milk for a year and then homemade baby food) but it really annoys me especially because it is such a constant struggle ( 3 times a day).

Sleeping: 7pm-7am give or take 30 minutes on either side. Nap at Noon for 1.5-2 hours a day.

Teeth - I think he has all his teeth!

Diapers - UGH~ ! Size SIX now! I must make time to finish sewing the cloth diapers I started making. All my trials were too small. He is a BIG boy!

Discipline _ HA!  Hot and heavy up in here folks! I spend 80% of my day on the "follow through" ushering him to time out, or telling him about something or other. He is a persistent fella, and not much detours him from his original mission. I think I let him wear me down too much in the past and now he continues to try to see how long I will stand my ground, so now... it takes much longer to make a point. 
The more time we spend outside, the better he behaves because I think some of his shenanigans he does from boredom.

Interesting Tidbits:
- He is in love with the dogs. He loves to watch them, chase them, play ball with ralphie, try to feed them or share toys with them. He is exhausting Ralphie because he constantly is after him and Ralphie has much less "chill" time than he used to. They bring him so much joy, it blows my mind but always makes me laugh. CB told Ralphie this was payback for all his earlier shenanigans, and I agree!

- He is very interested in CB's new baby. He watches every move we make with that baby and comes to peer at him a lot with the cutest and most curious expression on his face.

- He is consumed with stroller rides and outside time. Daddy is supposed to build him a new sandbox soon because he is too big for the plastic turtle.

- Since he was born, I give him a mani/pedi almost every night, and all of a sudden he has rebelled. He goes BANANAS when I try to trim his nails. It is the most ridiculous scene you have ever seen, me trying to hold down 40lbs of wild animal and carefully trim a nail. What I have finally resigned myself to, is cutting about 3 nails a day, maybe one or 2 fingernails and a toenail. Otherwise he used them to claw me in his meltdowns. My girlfriend suggested waiting till he was strapped in his carseat which I thought was pretty smart. ( if I tried to cut them while he sleeps, which is what everyone suggests, he would wake right up. He is a light sleeper)

These days he stays pretty dirty and pretty scratched up. I have no idea where he gets all these scratches, they just show up!. Yesterday I was thinking what all I would be scrubbing off of him in the tub and that was: sand, dirt, popsicle, marker, sweat, yogurt, & honey. Literally. GROSS!

I feel like all of sudden, right around his 20th Month he is starting to take off in lots of areas,
developmentally. He is saying lots of new words all of a sudden, and his favorite right now is BALL except his says it like he is from Boston, "bwaaaawl" and he gets very excited when he says it because he knows his momma likes for him to talk! He also started doing some new sign language all of a sudden. Not sure where he got that from unless it was TV, or he can remember when i did it several months ago?

See how he is just casually laid back here with that twinkle in his eye? That look always means something! ha Generally means I will be laughing...
He is hawking his dad's cereal. Anytime you eat he wants to be right  next to you and take turns with who gets a bite.


grizaham said...

Don't worry about Fenn eating babe.
He's perfect. ;-)

Amber said...

Sweet boy! We're going through the same thing with A's eating right now, too. Some nights she eats 2 bites and nothing else. I feel bad about it, but our pedi told us (even though she's so little) not to worry too much about it, but to make sure we don't make eating into an unpleasant experience for her. A lot of days I REALLY struggle with this because it is so frustrating, but we just do the best we can. They'll come around one day! That's what I keep telling myself anyway! :)

Lori C. said...

Another helpful hint on the nail cutting is waiting until you put him in the high chair to eat to cut his toe nails. That was always when i cut and painted the girls toenails! :)

AWD said...

I am not glad that you are having a struggle with Fenn's eating but I have to admit that I am a little glad that it's not just me struggling with a toddler and their diet! I try my best to offer her good food but when it comes down to it raisins, carrots, and cheese are not going to sustain her. She has become a chicken nugget and mac 'n cheese addict!

One thing I do that helps is I bought Arbonne's vegan protein shake mix. Every morning she drinks a half scoop in some milk/ice/berries/banana/spinach - whatever I decide. It makes me feel better about my little carbaholic!

Anna said...

I always love your updates about what Fenn's doing these days. It's so funny how their personalities develop! And that last picture is a-mazing. Love it.

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