Saturday, April 28, 2012

21 Months!

Weight : 35lbs ( or more)
Height: 36 inches
Shoes: Size 9
Clothes : 3T-4T

My boy turned 21 months yesterday! Wowsa these past few months have been flying by!

This month has been full of new discoveries that make me very happy! Still not tons of talking, but he can communicate very well with his shrieks and squeals.
New things:
- He has learned how to use a spoon. PRAISE JESUS. This is such a big deal to me because it means he can feed himself the yogurt that he requests 18 times a day. One day I just handed him a bowl and a spoon and said " Get after it buddy, mommy is cooking" and ... he did just that. Now he only wants to feed himself. Its super messy, but I still let him roll with it. Today we had a lunch date for Japanese, and he fed himself Miso soup. He was super proud, and ended up wearing about it half of it.

- He has learned to give kisses and high fives upon command. His daddy is a very good teacher and taught him those tricks and he loves to perform them.

- He enjoys "helping" and mimicking these days. He wants to throw trash away, help me wipe down whatever I am cleaning, take laundry to the laundry room etc. Today I was taking apart the vacuum to empty it and he totally put all the pieces back in place. Not tight enough but he knew where they went which I thought was impressive.

- he has started napping anywhere from 2-3 hours a day at 1pm. I LOVE this phase!!

Basically, even though he is not talking a ton it is very clear that he knows what is going on, and understands what we say. All you mommas with babies who have been talking since 9 mos might take that for granted ! Dang it is good to know what is going on in that head of his. Still can't wait for him to talk more.

He plays SO hard these days. He wants to be outside most of the time, where he plays in the sandbox, draws with chalk, digs in the dirt, chases the dogs and occasionally in the water hose. I bought a water table today and he has really enjoyed that. Trouble with all this outside time is that he is a maniac when I am trying to put his sunscreen on and he refuses to wear a hat. We had a battle about it today where he ripped it off, and i put in on over and over again, and then i would just hold it on his head while he SCREAMED to the top of his lungs. Fun stuff. He is so pale though that it wrecks me , him wanting to be outside all the time b.c. i never have a clear picture of how well I applied that sunscreen.

Food. hmm still a joke here. I would say that 70% of his intake consists of yogurt. He screeches for it so I just mix in pureed veggies or fruit so that I know he is getting what he needs. He enjoys ritz crackers quite a bit, and recently requested some garlic that i roasted for bread, which I let him try and he LOVED?? so he ate some straight up roasted garlic for a snack one day.

He is so in love with Ralphie these days. They do everything together and he also has a recent obsession with wrestling... poor Ralphie. I keep catching him trying to sit on him, bite him, tackle him etc. Ralph is a good sport. To make it up to the poor pup, Peebs sneaks him food.

Diapers are a real issue. I need a size 6 to fit his waist, but the crotch is so long and still sometimes they are coming undone. Thinking of trying some pull ups to see if this helps. I really miss cloth diapers. Disposables smell so bad and that garbage bag from his pail weights 800lbs!

Discipline/ Tantrums:
These are better than they used to be. Recently his daddy was off for a few days and it became very clear that he saves a lot of his drama for his momma. He never whines and carries on so much for Erik. He still goes to time out if he gets too off course and if that does not work, he takes some alone time in his crib till he calms down.

Over all he is in a fun place, and makes me laugh ALOT these days. I am so thankful for the longer naps and glimpses of independance because that makes me less worried about getting pregnant ( trying this summer) if he will be able to do some things for himself.


grizaham said...

A++++ Fenners

Chad Grout said...

Mang, with a smile like that he is going to be slaying the ladies! A good looking boy. He is lucky to have such great parents!!!

Susannah said...

Sweet Fenn! He looks so grown up sitting in that porch chair! I'm glad he's doing well with his disciplines. Y'all are doing an awesome job!!

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