Saturday, April 28, 2012

21 Months!

Weight : 35lbs ( or more)
Height: 36 inches
Shoes: Size 9
Clothes : 3T-4T

My boy turned 21 months yesterday! Wowsa these past few months have been flying by!

This month has been full of new discoveries that make me very happy! Still not tons of talking, but he can communicate very well with his shrieks and squeals.
New things:
- He has learned how to use a spoon. PRAISE JESUS. This is such a big deal to me because it means he can feed himself the yogurt that he requests 18 times a day. One day I just handed him a bowl and a spoon and said " Get after it buddy, mommy is cooking" and ... he did just that. Now he only wants to feed himself. Its super messy, but I still let him roll with it. Today we had a lunch date for Japanese, and he fed himself Miso soup. He was super proud, and ended up wearing about it half of it.

- He has learned to give kisses and high fives upon command. His daddy is a very good teacher and taught him those tricks and he loves to perform them.

- He enjoys "helping" and mimicking these days. He wants to throw trash away, help me wipe down whatever I am cleaning, take laundry to the laundry room etc. Today I was taking apart the vacuum to empty it and he totally put all the pieces back in place. Not tight enough but he knew where they went which I thought was impressive.

- he has started napping anywhere from 2-3 hours a day at 1pm. I LOVE this phase!!

Basically, even though he is not talking a ton it is very clear that he knows what is going on, and understands what we say. All you mommas with babies who have been talking since 9 mos might take that for granted ! Dang it is good to know what is going on in that head of his. Still can't wait for him to talk more.

He plays SO hard these days. He wants to be outside most of the time, where he plays in the sandbox, draws with chalk, digs in the dirt, chases the dogs and occasionally in the water hose. I bought a water table today and he has really enjoyed that. Trouble with all this outside time is that he is a maniac when I am trying to put his sunscreen on and he refuses to wear a hat. We had a battle about it today where he ripped it off, and i put in on over and over again, and then i would just hold it on his head while he SCREAMED to the top of his lungs. Fun stuff. He is so pale though that it wrecks me , him wanting to be outside all the time b.c. i never have a clear picture of how well I applied that sunscreen.

Food. hmm still a joke here. I would say that 70% of his intake consists of yogurt. He screeches for it so I just mix in pureed veggies or fruit so that I know he is getting what he needs. He enjoys ritz crackers quite a bit, and recently requested some garlic that i roasted for bread, which I let him try and he LOVED?? so he ate some straight up roasted garlic for a snack one day.

He is so in love with Ralphie these days. They do everything together and he also has a recent obsession with wrestling... poor Ralphie. I keep catching him trying to sit on him, bite him, tackle him etc. Ralph is a good sport. To make it up to the poor pup, Peebs sneaks him food.

Diapers are a real issue. I need a size 6 to fit his waist, but the crotch is so long and still sometimes they are coming undone. Thinking of trying some pull ups to see if this helps. I really miss cloth diapers. Disposables smell so bad and that garbage bag from his pail weights 800lbs!

Discipline/ Tantrums:
These are better than they used to be. Recently his daddy was off for a few days and it became very clear that he saves a lot of his drama for his momma. He never whines and carries on so much for Erik. He still goes to time out if he gets too off course and if that does not work, he takes some alone time in his crib till he calms down.

Over all he is in a fun place, and makes me laugh ALOT these days. I am so thankful for the longer naps and glimpses of independance because that makes me less worried about getting pregnant ( trying this summer) if he will be able to do some things for himself.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Never Thought I Would Be A Runner..

It is hard to believe that I am even typing this post, ME the girl who took band in high school to avoid PE. The girl who swore that running is only necessary if someone had snatched my purse....
But alas, here I sit, 4 days away from my 33rd birthday telling y'all about how I keep having to grow up. 
What started as a fitness train before our big trip to Hawaii has become a HABIT. A habit that makes me feel good about myself, makes me believe in myself ( because if I can do THIS , I can do anything) ... check back tomorrow and see if that is true after my speech.... but seriously.. it has oddly empowered me and I am kind of in to it. It was a chore in the beginning... and now it is something that most days I look forward to.
Once I started running more frequently and I was so proud of myself, I thought DANG that feels good.. to accomplish something I did not want to or did not think I could do.  Then I started doing some other stuff I don't like to do, or kept putting off.. and I have been a machine of productiveness!
 So anyway, back to the running, I thought I would talk about a few things that have helped me because I have had lots of tweets about what apps I am using etc.

Iphone Apps:

  Map My Run - I use this simply to keep up with my route and time and pace etc. It has an option for voice over to give you prompts as well.
RunKeeper - I like how this maps my runs and keeps a running list of the dates, times and milage for me.
Get Running is my Couch to 5K app. I am not so worried about running a 5K etc as I just enjoyed having a coach. There is a woman who will speak every now and then and tell you to run or to walk and how much time you have left etc so that you can go from walking to running and from running just a minute or 2 to running lots of minutes. This app has been a great discovery for me as I realize now that working out is not what I hate, I hate not knowing what to do, and having a coach on my iPhone is awesome!

I also just realized that the Nike+ Gps app is meant to replace the Nike Sensor but records data  the same way so I downloaded it but have yet to use it.

Next Up.. PLAYLIST! I do not know how peeps run without music!
Here it Goes Again - OK GO
Bombs Over Bagdad - OutKast
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
Run This Town - Jay-Z
Stronger - Kanye West
Who Knew - Eminem
Down - 311
Crank That - Soulja Boy 

and because running makes me SOOOO hungry, like all day I can't eat enough to stay full.. which really kills the get in shape part of this, SO I have been researching foods that stay with you and this recipe is Runner's Fuel, full of protein and fiber for slow digestion!

Still working on the work out wardrobe. Do you guys have suggestions of cool apps, outfits that you like, playlists, etc? Please leave comments and let me know! I am a newbie! Thanks!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Taking Screen Shots

This week's tip is pretty dang simple... but there are some real newbies out there so I am trying to cover all range of tips from Beginners to Advanced iPhone fanatics...

There are lots of times when I need to take a picture of the actual screen on my iPhone.. sometimes it is to show my wallpaper or sometimes to show a text message or email.. whatever it is, you can take a picture of that and add it to your camera roll by doing this :

Press the power button ( sleep/wake button) and the home button at the same time! It's a great trick! Enjoy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday Booty Jam Extravaganza

Although my birthday has not yet arrived, my sweet sweet friends and hubs planned a little shin-dig for me behind my back.  Saturday night CB planned for several of my girlfriends to meet up at 1808 for dinner, and then got us a table with bottle service at MAI and a Suite at the Hutton afterward so that we could sleep in and not wake up to crying babies. It was all very well planned out and super fancy. We were ballin' y'all! 

We danced till after 2am and this old woman is not made to stay out that late anymore but it sure was fun!  Sadly this is the only picture I took all night and it was before everyone had gotten there.

After girls night, I came home Sunday morning and got ready for the professional video shoot for the ilatch promo. It was HARD work y'all! I do not know how anyone does professional acting with all the takes and what not.  I can't wait to see it though and will load it to the blog when it is done. 

 I don't think I ever did an official announcement, but I did not make it past round 1 in the Wal-mart competition. Thank you all so much for voting for me! I really appreciate it.  
Now if you could be so kind as to PRAY for me on Thursday. I am speaking at a Women's Business Lunch thingy and will be on a panel of mom inventors for questions and WOWSA do I have stage fright. 
So most of my free time this week will be spent preparing for that! Yikers! 

Friday, April 20, 2012


 Just some quick bullet points for a Friday, because I am sort of behind in the game of life and need to spend all my time on my work stuff today.

  • Courtney H ( CoCo) is on town and we spent all day yesterday running errands and shopping about. I also got my 1st Gel manicure. I will let you guys know what I think after a few days or weeks. I am kind of nervous about the idea of committing to return to the salon to have the polish removed.
  • I think my boy has allergies, as his nose runs like a faucet when we go outside and he might even cough some. BUT the 3 of us all have cold/allergy symptoms right now so maybe we have a cold? either way BLHEK
  • I was planning a cook out this weekend at my house, and have always been kind of " the more the merrier" type but little did I know that my friends and cubs had something planned for my birthday that night and the more I planned, the more they STRESSED, so they finally came clean and told me to STOP inviting people for them to have to turn around and un-invite LOL. With @coryholder at the planning helm , I am very excited. That girl does not know how to do things 2nd rate. This takes place Saturday so stay tuned.
  • I keep forgetting to tell you guys that I did NOT win the competition for Wal-Mart Shelf space.sadz. BUT i have to say it was a good experience and got me lots of exposure ( 3 TV spots). Thank you all so much for voting and I am sorry for drowning you all in business related tweets etc for so many weeks.
  • I am still running! I can not even believe that I am saying that. Truth be told, I think Bubs kind of tricked me by buying those expensive running shoes when we were in Mobile. After that I was basically committed and could not get out of it. I am pretty proud of myself though. Still doing the couch to 5K app. I can tell you that running makes me hungry like a WILD BEAST. 
  • Also I think I have mildly touched on the fact that I am redecorating our Living Room. I will do a big reveal on that when it is all done (read:months later). Gotta wait for furniture to come in etc but some stuff has been trickling in and I am uber excited about the new coffee table ( those baskets have been replaced since taking this picture. They were from our old table).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Parents Night Out: Death Cab For Cutie in Louisville

Bubs and I took off for a quick 24 hour getaway to Louisville this weekend. I love Louisville and concerts at The Palace because it is a beautiful Venue. We stayed at an awesome hotel called The Seelbach and it was a block from all the action and the concert. 
We ate at this neat place ( below) called The Pub and it was the first time I have ever tried Cider Beer. Our waitress kept trying to talk me into it and brought samples, but I opted against it as it tasted just like apple juice and that could be dangerous.

Us walking to the show. Per usual Bubs is embarrassed to take photos in public so he would only take one while we were walking = blurry.

I have never been front row to anything, and BOY was it awesome. I love Death Cab so much so being front row for them in particular was the Bees Knees. They had an orchestra and it was really pretty. I thought it was interesting that all of its members were completely black outfits.. not to detract from their music I guess... 
After the show, we ate at another pub called Ri Ras and had some amazing calamari & mussels.

Big shout out to my SIL Julie and her BF Rico who kept peebs for us while we were away. An overnight babysitting gig is a big deal and we sure did appreciate it! He enjoyed his time with them and did not seem to miss us. She sent lots of pics and video and he seemed to just go about his normal life, which made me proud! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Accessing the camera app from the Lock Screen

Sometimes, especially with kids, photo opps just come quickly and unexpectedly. This is the perfect time to use this feature.

For Weeks I have been trying to just press the camera to open the app, with no luck. Finally, I resorted to (gasp) reading the instructions. 
Turns out, you need to swipe the little camera icon UPWARDS to open the app!
Give it a try!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Weekend Brunch Recap

I hosted our Easter brunch this year which I hope to make a tradition. I NEVER have any professional or grown up gatherings over here. Generally I say "Come Over! If you are hungry bring food too!" ha I am just not much of a cook, and I hate being isolated in the kitchen working when it's social hour. 
But for this, I do want it to be yearly and awesome so I planned all week. Menu, Sticky notes on which dish got what etc. It was a great time to use my wedding dishes. When I got married I had no idea what I would do with all that fancy stuff, and funny how much I love it and use it now. I also, never register for any crystal when we got married for the same reason, and regret that now. I have been shopping around for crystal tea glasses and bought these from Macy's recently in a set of 8 for $35.

I actually cooked which was major! but it went well! I tried that grits and greens casserole from My Chiquaqua Bites blog and it was amazing!
Erik freshly juiced oranges for Mimoasa and I printed some Easter Water bottle labels from pinterest.
Family Easter Shot. For some reason this outfit looked so much better in my head than it looked on my body! High wasted stuff is just not for me I think, and I was so busy that morning that I forgot to put on my contrasting coral jewelry!
Bro (my BIL), Shauna and Chloe
Easter Egg Hunt time! Chloe and Nicholas enjoyed it and Peebs could have cared less.

We had some friends from Tampa in  town that weekend and we all had a great time. Their little boy Nicholas is about 6 months older than Peebs and was so sweet and well mannered.
All in all it was a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

iPad App Review: Magic Sorter

It has been a while since I did an app review so lets have one! 

I downloaded Magic Sorter a few weeks or months ago when it was FREE for the day and I read about it online somewhere. My boy has loved shaped sorting for a while now. 
I showed him this app 2 days ago, not thinking he would be able to navigate the iPad but would know the shapes and he really shocked me. He was VERY interested in it and learned super quickly how to move those shapes around. 
I was also pretty surprised and impressed with his patience and dedication when he would guess right but his shape would slide away. He just sat there going back to it over and over till it worked. 
He also somehow realized how to restart the game once he was done. He would skip the celebration song of completing the board and go straight to playing. 

Anyway, official review would be like this:

This app is :
great graphics
great sound effects
several choices 
good for teaching patience and perseverance

The app itself looks kind of boring so don't let the app cover art fool you, its really fantastic! $1.99 in the app store and worth every penny! CLICK HERE to download in iTunes.

**Please ignore the obnoxious cheering in the background. I am his momma..... **

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tip Tuesday:Intro to using Siri

**Really excited about the new Tip Tueday button from Jen over at Munchkinland Designs. **

Today I wanted to go over a few helpful tips for using Siri, the built in personal assistant on ios.

To access siri hold down your home button and speak.

Tip #1 - Speak punctuation. 
Whenever I am having Siri text for me, I always say "I am on my way, period" and she types it out just right!. You can also speak emoticons , " I am on my way smiley face".

Tip #2 - Add your personal info and name your family members.
Go to Settings>General>siri and add your contact card here so that siri knows who you are and all of your info. If you have more than 1 contact card for yourself it will cause problems. 
You can also tell siri " Erik Graham is my husband" and she will remember that so that later I can say "Text Husband" and she will text Erik G instead of one of the other Erik's in my book.

Tip #3 - Know what you can ask Siri. 
I always forget that I can actually ask her random questions. For example, before  a key note I am always checking the time, in CA, when I could just ask Siri " What time is it in Cupertino, CA?"
You can ask her to text or email someone. You can ask her really lots of complicated questions, so don't forget that and just give her commands.

Spend this week practicing Siri and next week I am gonna show you how to update your twitter and Facebook status using Siri.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Easter Bunny and a Show Down

Today has been another wild one! We went to the mall to take pics with the Easter Bunny and meet up with some friends that were in town ( Jessica and baby micah) and Nana Chelle.  It was great to see them, and we had a pretty good visit, UNTIL the boy started showing out real good. Jess reads my blog so she was aware of his shenanigans but I think now, she totally feels what I am saying. Literally. Y'all he ripped off her necklace and broke it. Talk about embarrassing! She was leaning in for a half hug while I held him, and next thing I know she is holding a hand full of beads! UGH! 
They also got to see him hit his momma in the face, pull her hair, go to time out TWICE on the floor in front of a gift shop. Good times. 
He did a few demonstrations too! Moonwalks, crawling backward and crab walking. ( he has lately been doing all sorts of weird movements and I have NO idea why but its pretty funny. He also hops between the squares on our checkered rug in the kitchen) ... He is so eccentric these days which is quite entertaining.

So... he didn't love the Easter bunny. That was no surprise. Momma wanted the pic, and we took the 1st shot. They offered to try and get a good one of him but I said we would just take the screamer so as not to torture him and I also like the "realness" in pics. I think this picture is HILARIOUS.
Can you see the mouthful of girl scout cookies I tried to bribe him with?
Now if only they had a cuter Easter Bunny! This guy was pretty tacky IMO.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Fenn is 20 months old!

Getting ever close to Birthday #2!!

Height : ?

Weight: close to 40lbs I think because lately he feels significantly heavier.

Head: Proportional! 

Clothes Size: 3T or 4T depending on the item. Shoes : 8.5 

Milestones: We have some words, FINALLY. "Momma" "DaDa" "PawPaw" "Babee" and that is about it. He has tried to mimic what I say sometimes like Thank you, Bye bye etc. But for the most part, he is not interested in talking, He does these high pitched squeals to communicate his feelings.  He understands lots of what you say to him though, and seems to do more talking or minding for others, than for his parents.

Baby Gear : Stroller and a new jogging stroller

Toys: These days he is ALL ABOUT BALLS. All balls any shape and any size and Duplo Blocks.

Books : All books!

Diaper Bag : Diapes, Wipes, Sippy and maybe a snack.

Eating: Don' I honestly just agonize over this kids eating habits right now. I tried to do the "only offer healthy foods" for SEVEN days ( 7 days people!) and all he ate was breakfast. Seriously. No snacks or anything.  
fI am sure this amuses some people to no end, because of how much I worked on his foods as a babe ( breast milk for a year and then homemade baby food) but it really annoys me especially because it is such a constant struggle ( 3 times a day).

Sleeping: 7pm-7am give or take 30 minutes on either side. Nap at Noon for 1.5-2 hours a day.

Teeth - I think he has all his teeth!

Diapers - UGH~ ! Size SIX now! I must make time to finish sewing the cloth diapers I started making. All my trials were too small. He is a BIG boy!

Discipline _ HA!  Hot and heavy up in here folks! I spend 80% of my day on the "follow through" ushering him to time out, or telling him about something or other. He is a persistent fella, and not much detours him from his original mission. I think I let him wear me down too much in the past and now he continues to try to see how long I will stand my ground, so now... it takes much longer to make a point. 
The more time we spend outside, the better he behaves because I think some of his shenanigans he does from boredom.

Interesting Tidbits:
- He is in love with the dogs. He loves to watch them, chase them, play ball with ralphie, try to feed them or share toys with them. He is exhausting Ralphie because he constantly is after him and Ralphie has much less "chill" time than he used to. They bring him so much joy, it blows my mind but always makes me laugh. CB told Ralphie this was payback for all his earlier shenanigans, and I agree!

- He is very interested in CB's new baby. He watches every move we make with that baby and comes to peer at him a lot with the cutest and most curious expression on his face.

- He is consumed with stroller rides and outside time. Daddy is supposed to build him a new sandbox soon because he is too big for the plastic turtle.

- Since he was born, I give him a mani/pedi almost every night, and all of a sudden he has rebelled. He goes BANANAS when I try to trim his nails. It is the most ridiculous scene you have ever seen, me trying to hold down 40lbs of wild animal and carefully trim a nail. What I have finally resigned myself to, is cutting about 3 nails a day, maybe one or 2 fingernails and a toenail. Otherwise he used them to claw me in his meltdowns. My girlfriend suggested waiting till he was strapped in his carseat which I thought was pretty smart. ( if I tried to cut them while he sleeps, which is what everyone suggests, he would wake right up. He is a light sleeper)

These days he stays pretty dirty and pretty scratched up. I have no idea where he gets all these scratches, they just show up!. Yesterday I was thinking what all I would be scrubbing off of him in the tub and that was: sand, dirt, popsicle, marker, sweat, yogurt, & honey. Literally. GROSS!

I feel like all of sudden, right around his 20th Month he is starting to take off in lots of areas,
developmentally. He is saying lots of new words all of a sudden, and his favorite right now is BALL except his says it like he is from Boston, "bwaaaawl" and he gets very excited when he says it because he knows his momma likes for him to talk! He also started doing some new sign language all of a sudden. Not sure where he got that from unless it was TV, or he can remember when i did it several months ago?

See how he is just casually laid back here with that twinkle in his eye? That look always means something! ha Generally means I will be laughing...
He is hawking his dad's cereal. Anytime you eat he wants to be right  next to you and take turns with who gets a bite.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tip Tuesday: Tracking Data Usage on iPhones & iPads

I recently read a fantastic article over at Everything iCafe that was all about data usage tracking. You can read that by clicking HERE. I thought this would be great for people (like sara) who are new iPhone users and not sure how their data usage is adding up.

Depending on which carrier you have, click the link below to download the appropriate tracking app:

Those apps are a free download. Once you have downloaded the app they all have pretty  much the same "look" and here is how my AT&T one looks:

log in and click on usage:
 then tap that right toggle that says "data". This is for my iPad.

You can also check usage on your phone in the Settings, but that will need to be reset, as in you manually go in and hit "reset" every time your plan starts over. 
To get there you can go to Settings > Usage > Cellular Usage, it will provide both ‘Call Time’ and ‘Cellular Network Data’. Select ‘Reset Statistics’ to restart the counter.

International Data Tracking :
There is  a paid app called "DataMan" that they recommend for international travel so you can keep up with usage. This would have been awesome to have when we were in Mexico. We tried keeping up with it on settings, but trust me, this app would have been much easier! There is a free and a paid version for $1.99.

Do you like these weekly tips?  Remember that you can sign up for my Grizas Newsletter and receive them via email weekly !

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Decorations & Plans

Ever since St. Patty's Day I have been in full blown Easter Decorating mode. It has been super fun because I am planning an AWESOME Easter weekend because we have some friends coming to town.  I spent Easter with my SIL 's family/friends one year and they have an awesome yearly brunch and egg hunt for the kids afterward and I always thought I would love to do that with my own family one day... and that day has come so we will have some friends and family over and and one heck of a Brunch and Egg Hunt ( thanks pinterest!)

** Egg Salad plates from target 2012
Bunny Napkin Rings Old Time Pottery 2012
Egg Topiaries Target or Hobby Lobby 2011
Eggs on the Stair Rail from Hobby Lobby 2011/2012***

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