Monday, March 26, 2012

We Went to Church! Finally!

I think I may have chatted about this before on the ole blog, but we have never found a church home in Nashville. I am embarrassed to say that, but it's true. I read my devotion every morning over coffee, say my prayers at night, yet we have no church life. 
   It started occurring to me that I needed to be setting a better example for my boy, and get him involved now.  I have mentioned before that I am not a teacher type parent, so I need to have someone be teaching him about Jesus so he will know what I am talking about !

Yesterday, we woke up , did our normal thing, and as I was sitting here planning our Easter brunch, egg hunt and church  service, I thought about how embarrassing it is to have become the girl who only goes to Church on holidays and with that, stood up told the boy to come downstairs with momma , because we were putting on our church clothes.
   We did not have time to shower, and I didn't even eat breakfast since this was all so last minute, but we made it! I got him checked into the nursery where he threw the FIT OF HIS LIFE while trying to pinch her ankles from his position of wallering all over the floor, but they assured me it was fine to leave, so I did. 
   When I came back they told me after 5 minutes of carrying on he was ready to be sweet and have fun and that he ate LOTS of goldfish and was very funny. Sounds like my boy. He was very smiley to the woman working in the nursery when we left so he must have had fun. I am excited for him to have social times with kids his age. 

It feels great to be accomplishing some things that are important to me, I have a running list in the head of things I know are good and right like daily exercise and regular churching, but I have just put them off over and over until lately and it is very satisfying to be doing those things now!

Other highlights of the day included going to my discount store to buy a jogging stroller. I am nervous about spending too much money on a jogging stroller since we already have a really nice stroller, AND because I am scared I will fizzle out on my new exercise routine. Bubs runs regularly so I guess he can use it regardless. 
We found a nice stroller for $100 and when I got it home to put together, whoever had returned had put all the extra accessories they purchased in the same box as the stroller so we got the cup holder, infant insert etc as well. The thing that shocked me was the front tire does not seem to rotate for turning. whoa! So I have been twittering about all that since a bazillion of you have jogging strollers and can tell me what to expect, but  90% of you all have BOBS!

After that, we had some friends over for a play-date! Heather and Bennett Anderson. Sadly I took no pics.

And just for fun, I took some pics of my ever opinionated Toddler after our walk yesterday afternoon. He Loves to be outside and almost every time you return inside, this is what you get:


Marilyn Bell said...

If you ever see a Phil and Ted's double call me immediately!! I've gotten my husband to agree to it if he can test it out first :(

Also, the band at my church is pretty great if you ever want to check it out... and there's Saturday night at 5 pm service in addition to 3 on Sunday morning.

meredith jordan said...

I can totally relate to the church issue! I swore we would be better when we moved to Bham. We actually did join a church and thought things would be great but it hasn't worked out that way, for many reasons. So I hope that you find the perfect place for your fam!!

Josh and Beth said...

I have a tike tech and love it but it is bulky! has them usually a little less and free shipping

Perfectly Imperfect said...

way to get out there with the church. hopefully you'll find a home church soon.

and the tantrum pictures totally made me laugh!

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