Monday, March 19, 2012

Visiting Family in Mobile

We have been on a family visiting trip and spent some time in Monroeville and Mobile. Everyone please pray for my Nonie! She had surgery for a detached retina last Thursday and has to keep her head facing the floor at all times which is pretty mis! So please pray for her to heal quickly!
Below is cousin Wilbur! He had a great visit with Baby Fenn and was so sweet. They had the TIME of their lives playing in the water hose. Will kept telling me " That was AWESOME let's do it again and again and again!" HA

Aren't they cute?!?!
Peebs got lots of outside time in Mobile and loved every second of it. He constantly stood at the door squeaking for us to take him out.
Bubs and I went to see the Avett Bros Friday night since we had some free babysitting and we also went to the outlets for a few hours before the show. We did some MAJAH shopping. I had a blast in Ralph Lauren and as you can see below I love the color navy. I got Erik some swim shorts, my boy a rash guard shirts and matching hat for his pool time this summer and a cute tie dye polo shirt! They had a polo dress in the same color and pattern and we could have been matching but Erik thought that was a ridiculous idea and I thought the dress was over priced!
He was SO tired from all the activity that every time he got into a car seat he was almost asleep! He fell down in Bunroebille on the concrete and busted up both knees and both big toes :( but he never seems bothered by that.
You may have seen on twitter recently that I am doing the Couch to 5K app again. I have not worked out in FOREVER but bubs and I are taking a parents only trip to Hawaii in May so I need to tone up stat. I've got crazy muscular arms from lifting my sumo baby, but  the bottom half needs some work STAT. Pretty jiggly down there. Anyway.. while in Mobile we heard about this new running shows called Newtons. Have you guys heard of them? Erik and I both got fitted for a pair and I can DEF feel the pain in my butt. I won't get into the specifics but if you are a runner you should totally check out their website and read about them .

and that is the haps with us! Y'all please take a second and vote for me today if you can by clicking that link in the top right margin on the blog OR texting 856 to the phone # 383-838 


Erica said...

Cutie! Love all the RL loot!

Lori C. said...

Hawaii in May is awesome! That is when RC and I went. Which island are y'all going to?

grizaham said...

i cannot get enought of monroeville living.
never lasts long enough.

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