Monday, March 5, 2012

Visit with @EdwardsEdition

@edwardsedition and I go way back and she came to stay for 4 days with her 2 kiddos recently. We had a great time and stayed VERY busy. After she left, I was talking to my mom about this or that and  I said you know what? I was with her day and night for 4 days but we did very little talking! HA We were too busy taking care of sick kids to chit chat!
That is right, all THREE of our kids were sick. I think they swapped germs! It was a full on schedule of antibiotics, tylenol, baths etc.. 

While they were here Sus talked to me about how I need to discipline my boy. I was blinded by motherly love, and she could see objectively how I was getting played!  I followed her advice and it worked like a charm!
Emma taught peebs how to take the top off of his markers and that has unleashed a whole new world of trouble  and fun! ha
Harrybear started crawling while they were here! 
One thing that really got my attention was how much siblings entertain and love each other. That baby boy could not take his eyes off his big sister. He laughed and was amused by every single thing she did and he seemed to me to be pretty advanced because of how hard he tries to keep up with her!   It was really cute! 
We had a great visit and I am sad they are gone! 

We both missed the blogger lunch on Sunday after blissdom due to the sick kids and no babysitter. I was pretty broken hearted about that! Hope all your blissdom ladies had a great time!


Erica said...

It's amazing how quickly they learn to play you! I remember the first night Kristen "stalled" bedtime, I was all following her when it hit me like a brick, she's totally manipulating me! Smart little buggers.

Marion said...

Share the advice! C has turned into a toddler overnight and I know I Amin so much trouble. I think the laughing when I say no tipped me off!

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