Tuesday, March 27, 2012

iPhone Case Review : Incipio Stowaway

I wanted to tell you guys about an iPhone case that I am REALLY loving right now! I know that may be "conflict of interests" for me to review i-cases but, as an i-lover I still like lots of stuff, not just my own designs, and I feel fairly confident when my iPhone case is released that it will blow other designs out of the water! ha
So until then, let's take a look at the Incipio "Stowaway" Case. It is really fantastic and a great price point ( $17-24)

It comes in a few colors (black, pink/purple, Orange/grey, blue/grey), I ordered the combo you see below for like $17 on Amazon

This is why it's HOT:

My previous case was a " Callet" and I used the heck out of it. I don't think I can ever go back to using a case that does not hold credit cards. It is way to convienient to just grab your phone and keys. The called, however over time, stretches out and it also retains smells. (So if you eat at a Mexican joint, you can bet your phone will smell like mexican food for a week.) 
Also, the Stowaway can hold THREE cards instead of just 2, or some cash! 
Next up is the fact that it looks, and acts pretty much like an OtterBox, but less bulky and MUCH less expensive. So when my tantrum ridden toddler chunks this thing across the room when I deny him a Cadburry Bunny egg, it will be totally safe. (This, written by the woman that SWORE her child would never touch her iPhone "iPhones are not toys")

And then , for that Same Toddler who is not allowed to use my iPhone, you can prop it up on the table and show some Mickey in a pinch, or Prop it up on your desk and use FaceTime, using the door to the wallet area.

SEE! I told you guys this is a fantastic Case! I am LOVING it. The one qualm, which is also kind of a pro, is that it does take a minute to remove the case if you wanna put it on a stereo dock.


Courtney said...

Ugh, I want a case like this so badly, but they do not make ANY for the Droid! Maybe it's the sliding keyboard? Anyway, looks cool!

AWD said...

This is awesome! I just bought one for my husband's birthday...thanks for the idea!!!!

liubendy said...

Nice iphone cases

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