Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Monday: The Weekend Chronicles

This is from last weekend EEP! I forgot to post:

Well... not too much going on around here this weekend. Erik went out of town Thursday night ( Radiohead in ATL) so I feel like its been a 4 day weekend! 

Can y'all even BELIEVE that my boy got a stomach virus? He has literally been sick since Feb 12th! Croup>Double Ear Infection>stomach virus. Insanity I tell ya!  What's more is that ole bubs got the virus too! My mom sent me a homeopathic remedy where you boil rice and drink the water that comes from that. Third world countries use that trick and I have to say it works! I wish I could get my boy to drink it!  I have magically avoided the illness ( so far) and I have NEVER washed my hands so much.

Bubs was off all weekend and it was so nice to have him home and have the help! I have used my free time to try and clean out our closets, and prepare consignment sale items.

I think I have finally come to a place where, I almost don't even care to consign because of all the time and trouble. Everything has to be just so perfect and done just this way.. and it is irritating. Same way I feel about ebay etc. I have prepared a HUGE pile for Goodwill and am about to make the drop off of my life. I am a bit of a hoarder, but it is time to THROW SOME STUFF OUT and get this house clean again.
I am so sick of looking around and seeing clutter or piles of stuff. I am always working on this thing or that which leads to piles but they gotta go before I lose my sanity. I have to admit tho, It feels pretty good throwing all this crap out and not worrying about if I should sell, consign or fix it. 

So from this weekend:

We had a fun family brunch at Amerigos with Erik's bro and wife and Stevie and Chloe, Erik's sister Julie and her man Rico and his 3 girls and us with Peebs. It was a full house and very fun. I was shocked that my boy who lives in Tantrum City made it 2 hours in a restaurant at nap time!

Bubs did some yard work and worked some and Peebs and I did some house work and lots of tax prep and website work. It was more of a busy weekend than a relaxing one!

*every time I leave the room, my little dude runs to my spot on the couch and imitates me


Julie Bray said...

I have to agree.... I'm over consignment sales. I was just talking with Bryan about that yesterday. Not sure why tho. Just seems the excitement is over and it's so hard to find quality things for a toddler. They wear things out so much, I can't consign anything once he's done with it and I can't find anything worth buying either.......

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Ugh, so sorry to hear about all the (continued) illness you've been dealing with. I'd be over it, too!

grizaham said...

Great pics!
Peebs and Chlo are the cuteset!

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