Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grizas Update! Today Show, Wal-Mart etc

Right now a bunch of things are going on. The 2 biggest things I guess are:

- The Today Show. I think maybe some people misunderstood this situation so let me explain that further. One of the producers for a segment on baby gear requested a sample and that it be there by March 9th. That was ALL the email said and I was not the only person they requested samples from. No promises of TV time or anything ( although that would be awesome!) I am grateful for the opportunity of just being seen by someone so important though, and I am praying that my iLatch really makes a great impression and leads to more opportunity!

-Wal-mart get on the Shelf Program.  I am learning a lot about the retail business and the short version is that it is very hard to get shelf space in an actual retail store. Generally you have to start out on their website ( which ain't easy either!) and prove your sales before they will carry it in the store, and even then they may only carry one color or version. Wal-mart is having a contest for people that is decided SOLELY on votes from the public and the winner gets shelf space in Wal-marts. I would LOVE to get that shelf space . Consider this the "American Idol" of the retail business, in that this contest could mean a short cut for my success. 

I am gonna try not to beat you guys down but I do need to solicit votes daily. You can vote on Facebook, via text  etc and its VERY easy. You don't have to sign up for anything. Voting for round one goes on for ONE MONTH ( ends April 6th) so I need as many votes as many ways as possible until then. 

You can text "856" to the phone # 383-838. It will send you back a text saying they got your vote. If you leave that text open on your phone you can just easily send 856  daily.

or you can  click on that badge in the margin that looks like this:

Vote in Get On The Shelf

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you guys who have been SO sweet and SO supportive with the retweeting and reposting on Facebook and emailing your friends. It has been amazing and I wish I could convey in a better way how sincere I am about my appreciation! 

Thank you ever so much! Let me know if I need to answer more questions!


Susannah said...

Text sent! Will do it daily!

Lori C. said...

Got my text in for today and yesterday and will continue it daily! Going to start getting everyone at the office to do evert day too girl! You know we got you covered in the 'ville. :)

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