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DIY Pottery Barn SandBox Tutorial

Recently I came across this sandbox on pinterst and when I went to look at it on the PBK site it was no longer for sale. ( that has changed in the last week, I think they have it again now that its summer). 
Anyway, I googled for a tutorial on how to make one and came up with this one from Life in the Dub Lane , which was a great tutorial, done by a totally cute momma. ( link below)

Sandbox Tutorial 

I changed just a few things. I wanted to also change the spindles from fancy to plain, but forgot to tell Bubs before he went to Home Depot, so we had fancy ones. They turned out much cuter than I was expecting. 
I also changed the fabric, flags and stain color. The fabric I used is just some Robert Allen Outdoor Fabric from Jo-Anne's ( 2 yards). I think it looks better without the flags since I did not do a solid colored top. I like patriotic colors in our backyard since I have lots of 4th of July/Memorial Weekend parties.
I used a slightly lighter stain than the one recommended in the tutorial. I almost went with a reddish stain like our deck but thought darker would look better with the fabric.

All in all I think it cost approx $100 to build this ( $30 of that was fabric). Depends on what tools and such you have on hand. When I find the receipt I will edit this post with an itemized list because I think that is helpful for those who may wanna try this.

Step 1 : Build (by Bubs)
 Step 2 : Stain
 Step 3: Cover top with fabric and staple gun. It was pretty easy. I am contemplating going back and making a fancier awning with box pleats. I think it looked cool with longer sides shown here:

Sidenote: She mentioned in that tutorial to use scrap fabric and cover the inside bars and you can see in this picture one of them I had not finished yet. It looks SO much better if all sides are covered even on the inside because you can ( and will) see it when you are outside of the sandbox.
As you can see, it was a big hit with my boy, and I love that he is now shaded when playing in his sandbox, PLUS this one is actually big enough that once he gets in it he can still play with sand. 

 I also love that it is not super obnoxious looking in the backyard like all the other plastic toys we have! 

Supplies Needed :

{1} 4x4 Sheet of Wood. They sell it just like this at Home Depot. 
{5} 7"x8' Boards. {It measures 7'' across and is 8ft long and is about 3/4" thick} 
{5} 2x4 Boards 
{4} 3ft Spindles (approx $3 each)
{4} "L" Support Brackets (approx $2.50 each)
{1} Box of 1 5/8" Fine Thread Screws
{1} 1/4"Drill Bit
{1} Sander {or piece of sandpaper}
{1} small can of Minwax Walnut Stain} (approx $8)
{1} Foam Brush to apply stain
{6} Bags of Play Sand ( approx $2.50 a bag)
{1} Staple Gun/Staples
{2 Yards} Outdoor Fabric -your choice of design ( Approx $30 for outdoor fabric)

Now I just need to make the fabric cover like this:

Many Thanks to the Dub Life Blog for the great instructions and "inspiration"

****2013 Update*****

I see this post gets lots of hits so I thought I would update with more info now that we have had it over a year. My son still loves it and it was totally worth making. 

- Last year I accidentally bought the wrong kind of sand and it stained all of his clothes with a red clay tinge. MAKE SURE you buy " PLAY SAND". It takes about 8 bags I think

- This year we re-did the top because when it rains, water pools in the fabric causing it to sag and get really dirty. We added a plywood roof and then recovered with more outdoor fabric from Jo-Annes. I had a coupon and it was on sale and was much cheaper this year ( about $10)

- Several people who also made this from my blog talked about needed a cover to keep out cats. We don't have any lose cats running around so this is a non issue for us, but would probably be worth while for leaves, debris and cats. 

- If you come across those mini foam alphabet letters they make a great toddler scavenger hunt for them if you bury them in the sandbox and let them find them.


Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

My husband and I were going to try to make this for Ethan for Easter before we found out we were moving! Yours turned out so cute. Glad to hear your success with it. Maybe one day we will get around to this!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Love it, and I love that it's shaded :-)

Amber said...

Y'all did such a great job! Are you taking orders? Ha!

Alicia said...

I LOVE this! We were looking for plans to make a sandbox for this summer...this one is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!

LittleMandolin said...

I would love a little description or pattern for the cover you made to go over the box itself--over the sand part. We are trying to make one ourselves for our very large sandbox (8x 10) and this one looks like it might work well, if I divided it into 2 parts. Thanks for the great idea!!

Anonymous said...

I was going to buy one that looks like this but now I want to try & make it. Thank you soo much for sharing.

HappyMom said...

Hubby and I looking for sandbox with shade since we went to the zoo and could not get our son out of their ENORMOUS indoor one. Making one saves a LOT of money and you get a bigger box. I wondered how you made the plywood roof without a center support? We had thought the material sagging too and wanted to add the roof, but with an 8'x8' box seems that a center support would be needed

Emily Ariizumi said...

Can you share the plans for the Sandbox the Dub Life Blog website is not working and I cant find it anywhere now. Thanks :)

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